Some of you might have seen my blog post the other day about fit2b. I would like to give you a few reasons “Why” you might like fit2b.

  • Community – the founder has created one of the only drama-free spaces that I have found where people from all different walks of life can come together and genuinely care for and encourage each other in their journey.
  • The founder- Beth regularly gets on in the online forum and answers questions, offers encouragement and opens up about her struggles and accomplishments and in so doing, shows herself to be just like the rest of us- HUMAN. I love how she honors and respects her children in the posts she shares about them, while also commiserating with those of us who are in the trenches…
  • The transparency of the business. Fit2b is a family business, Beth, the founder, is related to Chris, the camera-man. He is her cousin and also one of her best friends hubby…when she says that the cost of the memberships go to things like paying for kids tuitions for sports, or things like family get togethers… I know who they are talking about. The music is put out by Alice Behnke, the cameramans wife…and each of them are highly talented at what they do!!!
  • I will share more with you tomorrow about why I like the workouts. Make sure you go visit the main page to check out the founders birthday sale that is going on now!


Fit2b is currently having a drawing for a free giveaway! Fit2b has changed so many lives… its whole families. When my dad had a bike accident and could only sit in a recliner to sleep because he had to be upright, guess what I directed him to? Fit2b and the chair blends….which is a whole path of workouts that you can do from a chair.

When I was pregnant with baby #4 guess what I utilized? The pregnancy pathway on Fit2b.

When my girls started asking more body specific questions guess what program I used? Fit2b Girls Course!

Guess what I can’t wait for as Nathan gets older?! Fit2b and the in the works boys course!!!

Go check it out!!!
Raise Your Hands If Fit2B Has Changed Your Life

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5 reasons I don’t need/want a gym membership

After a day spent feasting with family while giving thanks for the food and friends and family, many people are thinking of another word that starts with f…..fitness! Then people start researching and looking for gyms to go to…asking friends to go with so we don’t look silly by ourselves when we don’t know how to use the quad…tri…glute machine thingys…

I have been in a few gyms, all BK– before kids and each one leaves me feeling the same…like I should be ripped and muscle-y before going in there. That could have something to do with poor advertising, in my opinion, showing people that are already in shape… I get the idea “you too could look like this”…. but what always seems to be missing is them saying…”while you are at the gym, wearing a sports bra and skin tight clothing to show off your defined deltoids and your handsome hamstrings and your…adorable abs? Ok I like alliteration but I am clearly not good with trying to write it.

What I am good at, especially the older I get, is learning to recognize and point out things I do and do not like.

So what follows are 5 reasons why I don’t need or want a gym membership, and in those reasons, I think you will see the things I like and don’t like about gym memberships.

1) The site I use, Fit2b, does NOT show women in skin tight clothing that makes me feel self conscious about my body.

2) I dont have to worry about finding a time slot that will work with my time schedule with the trainer I want…the workouts are always at my beck and call…

3) I never have to pay for daycare to do my workout! Often, when it is horrible outside, I will put on a kids workout for the little ones and it gets their energy out and they get a kick out of seeing kids, exactly like them, on the workouts! (That should really be labeled #3 and #3.5…)

4) The workouts are often what I like to call functional workouts…that means its not all about “how many reps of whatever workout can you do while at the gym and then be sore for regular life later on”…the workouts are designed to help you function in day to day, regular life…the reminders are phrases like  “don’t forget to hip hinge when getting the kid out of the carseat” or “when you are brushing your teeth, go ahead and add a calf stretch here”… Workouts that are easy to remember, even when not in front of the screen.

And lastly, but not leastlyleast? Leastly? Last but not least?.. Ahem…

#5 Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2b, understands what it’s like to juggle life, fitness, functionality, fun, frugality (yay alliteration!), motherhood and everything in-between and speaks to that in the workouts. There are a few that are what I think of as “working ons” because its areas that I need to work on on a daily basis…. rest…taking time to heal (see the blog about 6 weeks recovery), respecting and listening to my body and honoring the limits that I have in place at certain times in my life….see the blogs on pregnancy and avoiding inversions during menstruation.

Fit2b is currently having a sale on their already low prices…if you have ever been waiting to try it out, now is the time. You can even get gift vouchers to give to that best friend/accountability buddy so you can both be doing it…or to bless that new momma friend that can’t find time to go out and focus on herself, but so needs to…. Fit2b is about more than just workouts, there is a whole community out there that uplifts and supports each other in all of our moments…the workout moments, the working-on moments and everything in betwen. I guess thats reason #6 why I don’t want or need a gym membership.

Fit2B Studio

*By clicking on and purchasing through one of the links I provide as an affiliate of Fit2b, they are kind enough to provide me with a small percentage of that sale, which then goes towards family fun and mommy sanity – i.e. coffee! Thankyou!*


Today an old ugly aquantaince came back into my life… the feeling of “not enough”-ness…

While watching a movie I saw a woman with a perfectly straight, beautiful, nose. Regal and proud it sat in the middle of her face…not too big, not too small, not off centered and definitely without any blemish.

For a split second I thought to myself “I wish I had her nose”. Then i recognized that thought for what it was…discontent.

I had to remind myself that I have enough.

Not that I am enough…but that I have enough- That I was made with a purpose and that those who love me can see past my imperfect, to me, nose and can see me for who I am. If they, or I, can only focus on comparing myself, or parts of my body, to others…then I have lost the bigger picture.

How can I show beauty… not in looks, but in words and deeds and in love? How can I turn something ugly, into something good? I am not sure that I have that capability, but I know the one who can turn ashes into beauty…its my job to remember and remind people of that.

If, I don’t show love…then it does not matter if I have flawless skin or the biggest muscles, or the best looking nose…it will all be pointless….

I am not sure where I am going with this post, but maybe it will encourage me, and hopefully others too, when feeling like what I have is not enough.

Skin Care-Fit2b Girls Course

Today, my girls and I watched the skin care video in the Fashion and Beauty section of the new girls course that Fit2b put together.

It goes through and talks about something i hadn’t understood too much about-facial skin care.

In the video, Alice Behnke, Author, fashion consultant, and founder of Pick Pocket Molly, goes through what you need to do to take care of the skin that you’ve been blessed with. She touches on the subject if acne, teeth brushing (not skin per se but still important) and how to take care of the skin around your eyes.

I had to giggle when I was asking my girls “what did Ms Alice say we needed to do every day?” And Claire, my 5 year old, pipes up “wash our face day and night and make sure to moist our eyes!!!!” ….lol!!!! Alice said to make sure to “MOISTURIZE”. 😂😂😂

Tonight our nighttime routine included using our special cloths to wash our face, after, for the first time in a long time, my girls willingly drank their water to keep their skin soft!!!

Tomorrow we are taking a trip to the store to find some paraben free moisturizer… I am so excited to see how this helps them as the years go by. Its been fun too because we are learning at the same time which I think makes them a bit more receptive to it.

If you are curious about it, make sure you purchase the girl’s course from Fit2b while the price is set at $29, it won’t stay at this price forever.

I know when I go to purchase something, my thoughts run like this “am I really going to use that?”, “Where am I going to get the money for this?”, “How can I justify the cost of this?”…. here are MY answers to those questions.

1)Am I going to use this? A-YES!!!! I have 4 kids, 2 of which are going to a charter school 2 days a week, girl scouts, church 2 days a week and conferences with the teacher 1 day a week, a newborn and the many various appointments that come along with a newborn with issues….why do i tell you that? To let you know how easy it is to access and use the content of the course. I have incorporated the videos into our downtime after school. It’s short, sweet, to the point and yet there is more content that I can come back to as they get older that will have more relevance to them…like the makeup video. For my 7,5 and 3 year old, I am choosing to skip that portion for now until they start asking questions.

2) and 3)- when I am considering the cost of things, I try to break it down into monthly or weekly costs…$29 divided by 12 months is less than a cup of coffee per month…not per day, per MONTH. Also, the unlimited time frame to have access to the course…that is awesome too!!! If I pay for something, I want to have access to it when *I* want it…that means if I can access 9 of the videos and life happens…as it often does with 4 kids, and I can’t get back to it for a few months or a few days, I dont want to have to pay again to have access to something I already paid for! Can you tell I have experienced this before with other products. Fit2b is different and gets the plight of women, no…the plight of moms…no…the plight of PEOPLE. Life happens, and sometimes getting through content takes time. Having it set up this way ensures you can still get through the content on your own time. I love that!

*By clicking on and purchasing through one of the links I provide as an affiliate of Fit2b, they are kind enough to provide me with a small percentage of that sale, which then goes towards family fun and mommy sanity – i.e. coffee! Thankyou!*

Fit2b Girls Course Review 3

Today I did the female anatomy video with my girls…along with the printables that come with the Girls Course that Fit2b has thrown together. hahaha! There was nothing “thrown” about this course. There was research done, loads of people talked to, professional and non professionals alike; questions asked of “what would you like to see in a course for girls” that Beth and her band of merry men…erhm…people worked tirelessly on to bring something to the table that is new, not focused on just one thing, but the whole of what type of questions girls might have about their bodies. Including questions about what happens to their bodies during different changes in their life.

When I did this lesson with my own 3 girls, aged 7, 5 and 3 yrs old, some key words that came out were- “whoah! I didnt know that!” (About how long spines are and where they start and stop!)
Also- “I bet uncle Kevin’s spine is reallly long!!!” (he is 6’4, his spine is quite long, but so are his legs!!!)

The excitement that they had coloring the printable and asking questions about their own body was awesome!!!

Trying to find positive words about the femur/thigh area.. my girls looked at their own and started smacking their muscle there…and giggling! Saying “it wiggles like jello!” I said “thats a positive!!!” My girls responded with “it is?!” I told them “if you like Jell-O it is!” And one piped up “I do not hate it, I LOVE it!”…. ❤️❤️❤️ This. This right here is why I am so so so excited about the girls course that fit2b put out…because my girls are excited about what their bodies do!

Here is an up-close of what positives she wrote about her body:

The top is her head is hard…ahem..skull, but the former statement is correct too (anyone else have a hard headed offspring that is also a bit too much like them?!). The picture she drew was someone knocking on something hard.

2nd line: its bendy

3rd-protects the heart (a cage for the heart is what she called it)

4th- that is a picture of a baby coming down and through the pelvic bones…she was super excited to learn about the relaxin hormone that helps the pelvis open up so a baby could come through.

5th- infamous Jello!!!

We had to take a break after that for lunch, which gave me a good opportunity to read the material that is on the site to them…

To quote Beth from that Lesson “Every part on us and inside us has a job to do, and each part can affect the others around it.

This lesson really opened up a good discussion about our bodies and the different strengths our bodies are capable of.

I can’t wait to see what other dialogue this course will help open up for us!!!!

The first 100 people that order the course recieve a special goody too!!! Click on one of the links I provided to be taken to Fit2b site, look around, check out the blog and see what else might garner your interest. I am quite certain you will not leave unimpressed.

*By clicking on and purchasing through one of the links I provide as an affiliate of Fit2b, they are kind enough to provide me with a small percentage of that sale, which then goes towards family fun and mommy sanity – i.e. coffee! Thankyou!*

Fit2b Girls Course review- part 2!

Ok so for those of you who have daughters, or are in a girls life, or are helping with girls (girl scout leader anyone? Just me?) Or might potentially have any dealings where you are in a girls life and are a mentor, this course would be a blessing to have on hand.

Fit2b, an online fitness studio created by Beth Learn to reach people where they are, to give hope to those dealing with diastasis recti, has gotten together with professionals in different fields to create a course specifically for girls during the time of life when they will start to experience changes. I.e. pre-puberty and….mid-puberty and after puberty too.

They have input from a midwife who walks you through a first gyno exam, talking about what to expect and the lingo involved;


A fashionista who walks you through face care, makeup tips and how to find your own fashion and walk with confidence.

Being almost 35 years old, I learned things about face care and fashion that I just didnt know about!

Check it out and come back tomorrow to see what else you can learn about the girls course!

Or go to the link below to see what I had to say about the course yesterday:

Review part 1

*As an affiliate of Fit2b, by you clicking on, and purchasing through the links I provide, I receive a percentage of that sale. It then goes to provide self care and help for family outings…more specifically…. occasional coffees for mom to have energy. Thankyou!!!*