So…we come home tonight after a good night out at my brother and sister-in-laws house and we come home to…. dogs and their destruction. Cardboard, my mom’s Tupperware container holding two pieces of delicious chocolate cake, the double-stuffed Oreo cookie container, and the envelope box all torn open, torn to shreds and devoured.

WHY do they do this??? I personally think its because we don’t take them outside enough to get the exercise they need. YET, even when we DO do this, they will still do it at times. I think its God’s sense of humor. Its funny when I stop to think about it…the food I can understand, but the box of envelopes??? Unless that glue on the flap is really yummy, I am not sure why they found that so appetizing as to rip it apart and make it completely useless.

I am not sure. I am looking forward to the day however when we have a house and a yard for them to run around in.

Ever since we moved, they have not been thrilled with the new living arrangements. Going from an almost 1/4 acre of a lot to play in to being leashed at all times or being able to “run around” in the enclosed tennis courts or the apartment has got to be a shock to their system. 

We are looking into getting kennels for them when we have to be gone. Fun times. My poor dogs. They get an extra long walk tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Dogs…

  1. These dogs are going crazy man! Sometimes Will whirlwinds in a circle around the livingroom… a 7×12 space. He’s nuts! Shadow’s nuts! It’s a nuthouse man!

  2. My mom used to have a little dog named Fluffie who used to go freakazoid, bounding off furniture, spinning the rugs, and generally turning herself into a dervish. Then she’d flop, panting, into a corner of the couch, and look around like the rest of us were crazy.

    When left alone, Fluffie needed to be kept in her portable kennel (a big, purple, plastic box with grated windows and door), lest she shred all the Kleenex, magazines, and Mom’s shoes. Turns out, she needed the reassurance of a small space; alone, that house was just too big for her all alone, so the shredding and shoe-eating was her way of dealing with anxiety.

    Sounds like your furry friends have the opposite problem. Yikes!

  3. I remember an old dog of mine doing this too. Some dogs just can’t help it due to breeding apparently. But a double stuffed box of Oreos and a chocolate cake, can you blame them? : )

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