Psalm 71:15

While I was doing my bible reading the other day, I came across this verse. It says (New International Version)

My mouth will tell of your righteousness, of your salvation all day long, though I know not its measure.”

Wow…what a concept. How much should we,  who are Christians, be declaring all day long Gods salvation…despite not knowing the full measure of it?!  What is the full measure? How can we describe it?

When I read that I began to think of measuring the salvation of God, just because it (the bible) talked about it.

 How can I measure what Christ has done for me?
Dying upon the tree of Calvary?
How can I measure what he’s saved me from?
Saved me from the lying wretched scum.
Saved me from Satan’s lair,
made me a home with Him in the air. 
Forgiven me of my trespasses and sins,
only after coming to Him.
After hearing and believing  his word,
confessing and repenting of my sins,
I was then born again. 
Born again thru the grave,
The watery grave of baptism,
I am happy I made the trade.
I traded my ashes for beauty,
mourning for gladness,
despair for praise,
I’m done with all that madness,
Now I see clearly and not thru a haze.
I don’t need to beafraid of Satans lies,
his treachery, and deceit,
In Christ only I am made complete.
Faithful to him I can not help but want to be,
What better way to declare his sovereignty?


Trying to measure God’s salvation is like trying to measure all the grains of the sand. We can see it, feel it, see the effects of it, and and take it and use it, but knowing the full measure of it? Not until we meet him in the end.


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