So, a friend of mine started back up a group called “Joyful Noise” and I am loving being a part of it!  Just this past saturday, we had a get together to try to hammer out some music. We are going pretty well on a few songs and have ideas for even more. It is awesome how the more time creative people spend with “non-creative” people, those “non-creative” people start being creative! I think alot of times it is just a matter of getting over our inhibitions or fears that we might have of doing stuff in public.

Since spending time with the group at a brainstorm session masked as a BBQ, I was pleasantly suprised to see how many people either have songs, or have ideas for songs. People were getting their creative juices flowing! There are some interesting things we can do with the songs that I would have never even thought of if it was left up to me by my lonesome.

Cris, my husband has helped out with the song lyrics. I am not surprised that him and Drew (the re-creator of the group) get along so well. They both write, both have good ideas for lyrics and both have blogs that you can check out. Cris: or Drew: . Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Creativity…

  1. Thanks baby! It’s a blast doing the music with the group. Finding more ways to express praise to God… no wonder it’s such a good time!

    And yeah, I’m not surprised Andrew and I get along so well either. Smart people seem to do dat der sorta thing.

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