CSFFBT-July “The Enclave” by Karen Hancock

Alright, yesterday I talked about my love of the book “The Enclave” by Karen Hancock and one of the main characters “Lacey McHenry”. Today I would like to focus my attention to one of the other leading characters “Cameron Reinhardt”.

For those of you who have not read the book, you might just want to stay with reading my first review as this one and the one following might just give some plots away. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Alright, Cam, as he is called in the book is somewhat of a distraction, I guess would be the right word, to me. In the beginning of the book he is portrayed to be an ignorant, blundering, clueless but genius man. Not even a man really, more of a boy in a man’s body.

Further in the book he is portrayed to drop some of his mannerisms of awkwardness and become more of a cool person, but with demons haunting him that make him awkward. Then all of a sudden he is shown to be able to cast off that persona and become someone entirely different, such as a super cool spy hero.

While I liked the character immensely, some of the changes in his personality just didn’t seem to fit in my opinion.

I would imagine that if a person was awkward and bumbling around alot, regardless of the training that he might have had at one time that he would have made more “mistakes” due to him being this different person for so long. Habits that have formed and have been continued for years and years are hard to break after just a few days. A month, maybe, but a few days…not so likely. True, a certain few are able to break these habits very quickly, but it just seemed a bit out of character for him.


Aside from those inconsistencies, I thought the charisma (?) between Cameron and Lacy are very interesting to see unfold, and to see how they grow to trust each other, despite the odds working against them.


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