CSFFBT-August-OFFWORLD by Robin Parrish

Alright, so this months book actually came to us very early so I have had this read and have been waiting for when I could do a post about it.

This months book is OffWorld by Robin Parrish and is hands-down my favorite of all the books I have read for the CSFFBT to date.

I think why this one was my favorite was because it dealt with stuff that I have had an interest in for a very long time – astronauts and outer space.

I have always wanted to be an astronaut, and was even planning on finishing school and then Lord Willing, working for NASA before I got into a car accident a couple of years ago.  God changed my plans for the better. 🙂

Anyway, back to the book, I was drawn into this book just by the jacket cover, and the info on it. Then once I actually started reading the book, I was hooked.

The way that Robin Parrish writes is so good that even though I am not familiar with all the ins and outs of a space ship, or walking on Mars, or even how to land back on earth in a space ship, that I could visualize all of the details as if I was really there.

To me that is a sign of a good book and a good author – if I can be drawn into the story so much that I can actually see it being played out in my head as if I was right there…I could smell the smells, see the sights and feel the metal of the machines… very good.

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, and have even told my family about it. 

More info hopefully to follow tomorrow and wednesday so come on back and check out what I have to say.

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