“Ninth Witness” by Bodie & Brock Thoene

This is the 9th book in the A.D. Chronicle’s series by Bodie & Brock Thoene and I have to say that it is one of the best series of books I have read.

The Thoene’s (pronounced Tay-Nee), it appears are a whole family of writers, with mom (Bodie) and dad (Brock) leading the whole clan.

This series goes through biblical times and through the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of people in the Bible.

There is the story of the blind man at the Nicanor Gate whom Jesus healed, and it goes through his life and how Jesus healed him…not only of blindness but also healed his heart.  Then there is the story of one of the shepherds to whom the angels appeared and foretold of Jesus’ birth.

This story though, follows Jesus through his childhood years, when he went up to the temple and also follows the life of a little boy named Jude and his sister Kerah and how Jesus’ life affected theirs along with Yochanan (John), Jesus’ cousin and his growing up years.

It’s a beautifully written story that seems to bring out the truth of the message of Christ – that he came to heal the sick, and to seek and to save the lost.  Each story is in and of itself a wonderful tale, yet if read through from the first one (First Light) through to the last one that is available (right now at my library, this is the last one in the series available), you can see how the thread of the message is carefully and skillfully interwoven through each and every book.

The stories have a lot of the Hebrew names and words and meanings of different things, and while it’s taken for granted that most of the meanings are accurate, there are enough that coincide with what I know to be the meanings that I do not feel the need to look each and every meaning up to verify its authenticity.  It seems that the Thoene’s have done their research and done it pretty well.

This is a series of books that I plan on buying and keeping in my personal library for my friends to come and borrow and for my daughter to some day be able to read.

Please make sure to check out their websites and also to check out their books. The A.D. Chronicles are by far my favorite that they have written. Pick one up for yourself and you will find yourself immersed in a whole different world where Jesus comes even more alive to your senses. At least thats what it did for me.

Find more info Here (for those of your friends who don’t have the time to read, but maybe have the time to listen to a book on tape or CD) and also Here (the family’s website).


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