So I was looking through my flylady notebook ( for some info on how to set up a pantry and what stuff to inlcude in it, and how to keep it organized and it got me thinking about how as christian women (not saying that men don’t or shouldn’t cook, just it seems the majority of it is done by women) that we should make sure that our spiritual pantries are in order and have all the supplies we need as well. The stuff that the pantry list includes is baking supplies, breads, canned goods, condiments, alot of stuff that you would not necessarily think about until you go to make a recipe and find out that the ingredient that you most need is not in your pantry! 🙂 As christian women, it is good to have a check list for our spiritual pantry too…Are we stocked up on lovingkindness, how about making sure that our joy is unspeakable and full of glory? Are we armed with strength for the days ahead (armed with the strength that God gives), is our cup of giving to the poor and needy always ready and nearby so we can grab it at a moments notice? Is the teaching of kindness full in us and ready to be spread to with wisdom? How about the bread of idleness? Is that loaf getting to be less and less each day or are we letting it grow into something uncontrollable and unmanageable? Anyway, this went through my head this afternoon as I was thinking of the pantry we, Lord willing, will have at the new apartments we will be moving into soon. And how nice it will be to have everything all neat and organized to where I can see what stuff I need and what stuff I can get rid of… Hope it helps and encourages you!! God bless! Proverbs 31


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