“North! Or be eaten” by Andrew Peterson CSFFBT January

This months book is “North! Or be Eaten” by exceptional author Andrew Peterson…whom in our house we lovingly refer to as A.P.

This man is not only a talented author, he is also a talented songwriter, singer, piano and guitar player and just all around amazingly great guy.

My husband, brother and 2 sisters had the opportunity to meet him in person after a concert he had done a couple of years ago in Salem, Oregon and this man is truly talented and a humble man to boot.

I have read both of Wingfeather series and am looking forward the 3rd in his series.

In each of these books, I was pleasantly surprised to see the characters actually growing and learning…but through their own mistakes…sometimes making the right decision, sometimes not, but each time having to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

This book was a little harder for me to read, just because it pulled at my heart so much.  The struggles that are shown, and the decisions that have to be made regarding where to go, what to do, what to leave behind, emotionally and physically…just tough decisions for a kid to have to make, let alone adults!

This book was so well written that I at times forgot that I was reading a fiction book and got so caught up in it, that when I came up for air, I had to reorient myself as to where I was and what I was doing…reading a story that someone had made up..these were not real children and real people or…non people that I was reading about.. It was a good book.

Cris and I have been so happy with his work that we have bought the books ourselves and are looking forward to having the whole series.

 I will try to post more tomorrow about the actual story, but for now this will have to suffice.

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4 thoughts on ““North! Or be eaten” by Andrew Peterson CSFFBT January

  1. Hi, just coming through for the blog tour. I didn’t get a chance to read the book, but your review here really motivates me to try to scare up the money to buy a copy.

    I love books where I really get caught up in the story and it sounds like you had that experience with this book.

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  3. Wonderful comments, Becky.

    I love it when a book puts me so thoroughly in that fictional world. Great fantasy has the ability to transport me. Coming up for air is the perfect analogy for leaving that other world and returning to the here and now.

    Becky (the other one 😉 )

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