Lost Mission by Athol Dickson

so i was reading this book, The Lost Mission” by Athol Dickson and i have to say that there is really one thing that kept me reading…and that is my dedication to books. I love to read and once I start a story I “have” to finish it, unless it is raunchy or suuuuuuuuuuper boring. 

This particular book had me shaking my head in frustration from the first page. This book was pegged as a christian based book,  and it didn’t follow what the bible has to say at all. First off, there was a woman “preacher”, 2nd there was idolatry, the “retablo” that Lupe prayed to, and then there was also just mystic side of things too. I am not going to be able to put on here all the reasons why I didn’t like the book, but those are a few. The others were that it kept jumping back and forth between narration and 1st person storyline…I HATED that…aside from all the doctrinal stuff in the book,, just that way of writing drew me OUT of the story instead of keeping me in it.

My husband mentioned that one of the things that made it hard for him to read was all the spanish names, and the different continents that they were on…I, on the other hand, LOVED that part. I had a best friend growing up that was from Mexico and I looooooove mexican food, the culture, and the people, so all the names were no problem for me.

I would not recommend this book to anyone. I hate to say it, but there it is.

There are some books that allude to Christ and to spiritual things, then there are others that come right out and state it, then there are ones that try to pass it off as being godly and spiritual when all they are is a chance for someone to lead someone astray. One of the things in the books that I did not like was that it tried to bring out the question of (to paraphrase) “basically, is it more important to follow man than God?” Does one injustice, make another one o.k? Choosing the lesser of two evils…

The thing with that is that SIN is NEVER condoned by God or Jesus. Regardless of how many people it might “help”,sin is NEVER o.k.

Alright, I can’t go on any further. There is more that I would like to expound on, but for many reasons, one of those being my 3 month old baby needing to be put to bed, I am not able to continue on. Suffice it to say that I do not recommend this book.

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3 thoughts on “Lost Mission by Athol Dickson

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  2. Hi, Becky, thanks for your diligence. I find it hard to stop reading a book once I’ve started, too.

    Just a note. As Cris realizes now according to the note he added to his post, Lupe was not taking on the role of a church leader. By “preaching” she was simply sharing her faith with those she believed were lost because of the wealth and glamor and ease that blinded them to the Truth. I don’t think that in any way violates Scripture, even in the ways those of us who believe women shouldn’t be in the pulpit understand Scripture.

    Also, I don’t think Lost Mission condoned wrong-doing. Tucker repented, and still died. Delano repented, and still died. Their sins had far reaching effects on others and on their own lives. I don’t see these results sending the message that it’s OK to sin, even for a good cause.

    Just my thoughts.


  3. Hey Becky, thanks for the comment on the blog. I was thinking the same thing about Lupe after I had posted my blog, re-thinking about what I had posted up. What she was doing is in effect just witnessing.
    Like I had stated in my post, I did not have a lot of time when I was posting this. Good point about Delano and Tucker.
    I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my post. 🙂

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