Mark of the Lion: A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers

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this month we are supposed to be blogging about our favorite book, or in my case, books.

This is a trilogy written by Francine Rivers…the series is The Mark of the Lion, and the first Book is “A Voice in the Wind”, 2- “An Echo in the Darkness”, 3- “As sure as the Dawn”.

This is about a young Jewish girl, Hadassah, (Which by the way, was going to be my daughter Sarah’s name, but she is just a Sarah, not a Hadassah) who lives in Ancient Roman times. She is a jew by birth, but a christian by choice, as is all her family. Through Hadassahs life, she goes through struggles that brought me to tears, laughter, and a deep desire to have a faith like hers. She is the type of woman that I aspire to be, loyal to the Lord through thick and thin, and through danger and through heartache, turmoil, good times and bad.

She is a young woman in a roman household who has to stand by her God and stand by her faith and her duties that the Lord calls her to.

There is blood, violence, a bit of gore, but also love, loyalty and adventure all throughout. Ms. Rivers has done an incredible job of bringing me into the books, bringing me into ancient rome; when I read these books I can see the ancient buildings, I can smell the smell of blood and sweat, and hear the crys of the people in the streets.

I have read these books probably a good 10 times, and each time I am more and more endeared to this woman, who is in truth a piece of fiction, but who at the same time has captured my heart as someone whom I would love to have as a close friend and sister in the Lord. I love the truths that Ms. Rivers has set down on paper.

I would recommend these books for women over 13 to read, but its a wonderful read!

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