Hi there, for any of those who are interested I am offering beginner piano lessons for a low fee. It would be 1)at my place for $10 a lesson, or 2) at the house of the student as long as it is within reasonable distance from where I live (St. Helens, OR) for around $12-$13 a lesson, depending on how far I had to drive.

I have been playing and learning piano for around 12+ years. Ask any music student you know if you ever stop learning, and they will tell you that there is always more you can learn about music. Starting this school year I will have 2 students already, and am open to having more.  

If you are not interested in lessons for yourself, please still consider letting your friends and family know. I am willing to teach anyone from the age of 5 years and up, as long as I deem the student teachable. That means if the 5 year old is too squirmy, will not listen to instruction, etc, I would not be able to continue lessons.

If you are interested or have further questions, please let me know. Thanks and God bless!

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