The Charlatan’s Boy by Jonathan Rogers (day 3!)

Hi there, this is day 3 of the blog tour of Jonathan Rogers Book, The Charlatan’s Boy.

In this book, you will find any number of characters that you might identify with.

First off, you have Grady, who could be called the star of the show. Grady is a humble person who just wants to know where he is from and where he belongs. At times Grady finds himself doing the very thing that he does not want to do, but it seems that he doesn’t see any way out of doing it, and also, its what he’s been doing for so long, he’s not sure how to stop the process.

I know in my husbands blog he had mentioned that he did not see any overtly spiritual tones in it (my paraphrase, not his), but just in that I see a bit of the struggle Paul the Apostle was going through when he said (again my paraphrase) “I find myself doing the very thing which I do not want. And the thing I want to do I do not seem to be able to do”…. I think we as humans so often get caught up in our lives and doing whats wrong that to stop doing it would seem…unnatural. The bad has become second nature to us and we can’t see any way to stop doing it. I think that at times that is where the preaching of the Gospel comes it, or the reading of the Gospel, or someone just sharing the Word with us. We ourselves might not be able to see a way out of it, but when someone else comes in and shines the light on our darkness, its like we can then comprehend what we have been doing, and not only that, but there is now hope that we didn’t see before.  I am not excusing people for doing the wrong things in any way, but I think at times its hard to stop doing whats wrong. You have to look at yourself plainly, like Grady does when he mentions what he looks like, he is not beating himself up for self pity, he is just stating the way he is, and once you have done that, you can see that you need the help of the Savior to overcome.

Alright, so thats ONE character…one of the other characters in this book is Floyd. Floyd is the ringleader, or the Charlatan, of the feechie scam. I think I have run into Floyd before at the mall where those people at the kiosk’s are hawking their wares. Some of them really amp it up and it seems they are ready for anything anyone throws at them. They always have a quick and ready answer and at times are willing to let people hang themselves on their words. Just reading how Floyd makes his speeches brings those folks to mind (no offense if you work at a mall kiosk!!!), I can just hear the singsongy voice, the way his voice raises and then lowers again to catch and then keep your attention, even if what he’s selling you wasn’t what you were looking for in the first place.  You just find yourself drawn in and then once you are hooked, you might say you want to leave, but inside you have a morbid curiosity about what he MIGHT have to offer to you that you end up staying…just like a fly caught in a web.
Hmmm…reminds me of the way Satan lures people into his schemes. I might be seeing paralells in the book that aren’t in there, or weren’t intended by the author, but all this has got me thinking about what the book might be alluding to.

Then you have Short Fronie. I identified with her in some way, it could be because of the way her heart broke when Grady mentioned that he thought he was too ugly to love. There are so many people out there who think that their lives are too messed up for anyone to have any use for them, or that their sins are too ugly for anyone, let alone the Savior of the world, to love them. Reading that chapter broke my heart and made me love Short Fronie. I hope to see more of her in Jonathan’s next book.

Theeen, you have characters in the book like Clarence. Clarence is a huckster that has tuned in to what people really want. Convenience to live their lives the way they want AND a way to have their so called god on a chain. Clarence was making business off of people being too busy to actually live a life dedicated to the Lord and spending time talking with Him and doing his will, he just decided to cash in on that. Unfortunately, I see people doing this today too. Many so called preachers of the Word mis-align and mis-represent what God’s word says and they twist it and turn it to fit their own needs and desires; whether that desire be for more money, fame, glory, or power.

Jonathan Rogers has a way of writing that makes you feel the emotions that the other characters are feeling in the book. Kudos to you sir and thank you for a good read!

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4 thoughts on “The Charlatan’s Boy by Jonathan Rogers (day 3!)

  1. I love this post, Becky. A very thoughtful analysis.

    As I’ve gone around the tour and read some of the great themes different bloggers have highlighted, I think I’ve come to understand this “Christian worldview fiction” better.

    Jonathan is obviously a wonderful student of human nature, and he is also a Christian. Consequently, his understanding of what he sees in his fellow man is informed by his understanding of God. So you rightly say, you might be seeing things in the story that he didn’t intend, but I don’t thing you understanding is at all off base from what he believes.

    Becky, the other

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