Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul!!!!

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 this months 2nd review is for the book “Dragons of the Valley” by talented Author Ms. Donita K. Paul (please imagine me saying her name like the announcer guy does on the game show “The Price is Right”, its much more dramatic that way; not to mention fun!).

This is a continuation of the story of Tipper and Bealomondore and ultimately, a story about Wulder, the God that Paladin, one of the hero’s in her last book, follows.  I should say, it seems that it is leading towards ultimately a story about Wulder. I have not finished the book but am about halfway through it and I am finding myself drawn into this magical, mythical world that Donita put down on paper. When I read the words describing the Kimen and their village, and the vibrant clothes that they wear, and then I read about Bealomondore and Fenworth, I can see them appear almost right before my eyes. Donita does such a good job of capturing the essence of who each of these characters are. It seems odd to say that. Those of you who are reading this and are not writers yourself might be saying “of course she does a good job, she wrote them after all!” but I know better. While I do not count myself among the ranks of those gifted with the written word, I know through 2nd hand knowledge. My husband, who is a writer, has mentioned to me many times about the characters he writes about take on lives of their own. He finds them doing things that he did not know they would be doing when he set out to write the book. You start writing and trying to describe the world they live in, and the actions they would take, and all their mannerisms, and pretty soon, according to his description, it sounds like you have given birth to a whole new sort of creature, or creation.  It reminds me of the human race. We each are conceived and then given birth to, and while we are all pretty similar, we are, each and every one of us, unique. We can be bold and adventurous, like I see my sister Tess being, sometimes Tipper reminds me of her. Or we can be reticent and quite funny at times, like I see Bealomondore mixed with Librettowit, and my sister Amy being.  Sometimes we can be quite distracted and full of unusual ideas at times, but full of wisdom… kind of like my husband during basketball playoffs.

Wow… I am noticing myself describing a lot of similar characteristics between the characters in the books and the characters in my family. I am not saying that Amy and Tess and my Husband are JUST like these characters, just something that came to mind when I was thinking back about what I have read already. I am looking forward to reading what other people have to say about this book.  Make sure to check out Donita’s blog, and most obviously, the book itself!  As always with the CSFF Blog tour : In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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5 thoughts on “Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul!!!!

  1. Thank you for the review, Becky Jesse. My grandmother’s name was Jessie. On the other side, my grandmother’s name was Bessie. I hope you have lots of visitors to your site. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I’d also like to invite you and your readers to http://www.dragonandturtle.com This is the website for our two picture books. There are two contests going on right now and pages for kids and pages for adults.

  2. Oooohh, do check out the contests. If I had small children, I’d be all over the turtle and dragon books and contests.

    Love your thoughts on Dragons of the Valley, Becky. Interesting to see qualities of real people in storybook characters.

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