Beans and cornbread, pioneer woman style

Hi folks, alot of you might be wondering, “Who is ‘Pioneer Woman'”? Pioneer Woman is none other than Ree Drummond, author of the cookbook “The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Recipes from an accidental country girl”. She is also one of my little sister, Tess’, favorite blogger and cook.

I borrowed the cookbook from Tess and thought I would try my hand at making some of the recipes that Ree Drummond makes and see how they taste and come out.

I will be adding pictures to go with the blog so you can share in my culinary adventures, and I will also try to share some of the successes and not-quite-sucesses as well.

My first recipe that I tried cooking myself was the….you guessed it- Beans and Cornbread!!!

First step was to get my handy dandy trusty pot that I use for everything from spaghetti, to chicken noodle soup, to…yep. Beans.

Pot bottom

This is the bottom of my handy dandy pot. This attests to how often, and how long, I have used this pot.
The next step was to get the beans, pinto beans, rinse them off and put them in the pot, covered with water…just like the recipe said to do. I also added about 8 slices of regular thickness bacon that I sliced into about 1-2 inch peiece and put the whol shebang onto the stove top to boil.


The recipe called to bring it to a boil and then lower the heat and simmer for 2-3 hours… this is where instead of everything following the recipe just like the book said and everything going right…it took about 4-5 hours for this to be done. I also added 2-3 cloves of garlic and about 1 cup of chopped onions to the water to add flavor to it.

This is the final result of the beans:

The smell was woooonderful, and I did have to add water a few times as the boiling would dry it out a bit. All in all, the beans took about 5 hours to make. It only took about 10 minutes to prepare though, which was a plus to me.  After the beans were done, I added 1-2 tsp of salt and one thing I always seem to forget – pepper! I added about 1 Tbs of pepper to this and then some garlic salt to add a bit more flavor. I also put in a dash of Oregano which helped the flavor alot. They tasted great I thought. My husband did not care for them as MUCH as me, but I think that is partly because I grew up having this kind of meal alot.

Nooooow for the cornbread. This is where I slightly hang my head.

I followed the recipe to a T, except for ONE little area. Making the buttermilk I used whole milk instead of skim like it suggested, but I figured that was better than trying to use Almond Buttermilk (if you can even make that!).

I did not care for the taste of this so much. I think a large part of why is because I slightly burnt the bottom while cooking it in the skillet before baking it in the oven. It is called Skillet cornbread for a reason. Also, I think if I were to try making this one again I would make sure to add some sugar to this as it tasted pretty uhm…cornmeal-y. 🙂 I know cornbread is supposed to taste like cornmeal, but I also like a little sweetness to it too.

Take a look at the pictures and you might be able to see the burn marks.

As you might also be able to see, there was hardly any left due to my husband actually liking it more than me. Sarah, however, seemed to agree with me.

I am not giving up though. I will post my other attempts at making the stuff in Ree Drummond’s book. I am sure something has to taste great because my sister, Tess, makes stuff from this book all the time and I looooooove it!

Happy eating all!


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