The God Hater by Bill Myers


O.k. This months book, “The God Hater” by Bill Meyers had me saying this over and over again. In fact, let me say it again, “WOW”.

At first I was not looking forward to the book due to the title of it. I was prey to the idea of “Judging a book by its cover-name”. I actually really liked the picture on the front of the book, but was leary of what I was going to find in between the covers.

I started reading it and was gripped by how true to life the book seemed…at least in the characters emotions. I loved the symbolism in it, and I loved how Mr. Myers put a forward of warning to the readers to not take his word on the theology in the book, but to go to the Bible for that. To quote him he says “So, just as I would encourage you  not to base your science upon this science, the same should go for your theology….if something doesn’t sound right or sticks in your throat, don’t waste your time reading this. Go to the original Souce and see what it says.” – WOW. That right there packs a punch and I for one applaud Mr. Meyers for putting that in the book. I think all too many times I have read books that are supposed to be “sound doctrine” and they leave stuff out, or they seem to think that what they have to say is greater and better than the Bible. I do not usually end up reading more books by those type of authors.  

One other thing that caught my eye was on almost the very last page (this is after the story so its not a spoiler!) where Mr. Myers put “Soli Deo Gloria”. In my limited understanding of Latin, that means “Glory to God” or “Only for God’s glory”. I am sure there are some scholars out there who could teach me in the exact definition of this phrase, but I was happy enough to see that at the end of the book, knowing only the jist of what he was trying to say. I thought it was a perfect ending for the book.

Now, one of the phrases that Bill Meyers used in the opening paragraph in his book made me laugh right out loud while reading. He describes a reporter as having “bronzed skin and glow-in-the-dark teeth”!!! lol I have seen too many people, reporters and non-reporters alike with this physical…uh…er…representation of themselves. lol

While going through the book again just now finding all the little nuggets of gold that caught my eye, I ran across the bookmark that I used while reading the book. My bookmark when reading books for the blog tour is now consisting of a large piece of paper folded in half so when I have something that catches my eye, I can just write it down right there and what page number it was on so I don’t forget anything.  Why would I forget stuff you ask if it was so memorable???? Wellllll let me answer that question by saying: I have a 13 month old. Those who have kids will understand, those who don’t and are planning on having kids… 🙂 I just have to smile and laugh. I was there once too. Now…speaking of forgetfullness…where was I? Oh yes. the bookmark had a note on it  that said as follows: “2/8/11- I started reading “God Hater with skepticism b/c (that means because!) of the title but the first sentence caught my eyes- “Glow in the dark teeth- and made me like Mr. Meyers. (pg. 1)”.  Lol

I wish I had more nuggets of literary goodness for you to read, but this bookmark idea was my husbands idea and this was the first time I had actually done it and, well…my forgetfullness kicked in and I forgot to write down the specifics of what I liked!!! lol

You will just have to take my word for it and read it yourself. I don’t think you will be sorry that you did. I found myself laughing, crying, and even being angry at the characters at some points in the book. To me, that is great writing when you can wring emotions out of your readers. Good job Mr. Meyers! Keep up the good work and looking forward to reading more of your works.

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5 thoughts on “The God Hater by Bill Myers

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  2. Nice review, Becky. Yes, I laughed at the glow-in-the-dark teeth too! 😆 And honestly, I didn’t care for the title either. But I tend to think Mr. Myers and perhaps his publishers hope this one goes beyond the usual audience for Christian fiction. Perhaps the title will intrigue those who do not believe. Perhaps the title will make it an easier book for Christians to give to non-Christian friends. I hope so.


  3. That is a great idea about the bookmark, I will have to try that. I definitely lose track of thoughts as I’m working through a book and I always intend to keep a notebook handy, but a bookmark that is always at hand is much better!

    I will also second the agreement on the title, it put me off a little bit in the beginning as well.

  4. I think it’s funny that neither of you cared for the title of the book. Given the nature of the *Christian* SFF blog tour, I figured there had to be some kind of controversy regarding the name and that sparked my interest. Isn’t it interesting how different things appeal to different people? 🙂

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