The God Hater by Bill Meyers – Pt. tres

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This is my third blog about the book “The God Hater” by Bill Myers…annnnnnnnnnd I just realized that over the last 3 posts I have been spelling mr. Myers name all wrong – I AM SORRY MR. MYERS!!!!

I have been typing it from memory and apparently my memory is just shot to pieces. See first post- memory and time management- all due to 13 mo old baby and lack of sleep. If you are keeping track, this will be my excuse for the next 20 or so years, however long she chooses to live with us until she gets married or moves out (I suppose if she is getting married, she will be moving out anyways…so… yeah. nevermind.).

Alright, off the tangent, back to the book.

 I have not talked to Bill about his book, (I figure saying BILL is easier to remember and get right than messing up Myers! …sigh), but I am sure the scene on page 198-200 has been taken just from talking to someone who has a mother who is inept at using cellular technology!

I was laughing so hard while reading his description of Annie, one of the main characters in the book, trying to help her mother pull up and actually read the text message on her cell phone, I thought I might bust a gut!

Thankfully, my mother is a bit more adept at using the cell phone and even texting, although I have helped her at times with it, it is nowhere near the level of unfamiliarity with all things technical that Annie’s mom seems to have.

For those of you who have not read the book, don’t worry, I am not spoiling anything by telling you all this. But for you to understand what I mean, you are going to have to 1)get the book 2)read the book 3)before you read the book, write down specifically “PAGE 199-200” on a piece of paper and prepare yourself to laugh at how Bill so adequately represents the technologially impaired generation. I.e. Those who seem to be 60 and above. (for those of you who are 60 and above and know how to work your cell phones and/or computers – I applaud you! For those who don’t know how to work either…you probably won’t be seeing my blog so I am not even sure if I need to add in a blanket apology here…hmmm dilemma. )

Regardless of my dilemma, you should see some of the dilemma’s that the characters, Annie, Nicholas, and Travis get themselves into…all because of technology. Well, I suppose it is not fair to say it is all because of technology, but it plays a large part in the story.

For those who are into the whole “techy” scene, I think you will love it. For those of you who are not into the “techy” scene… I think you will love it.

I was glad to see that this book was not designated for children, I think anyone from, say age 15, and up will appreciate all the little things in the book that make it such a good read. From the complex emotions in the characters to simple descriptions in the book that really draw you in and make you feel you are just viewing a movie that is played out in your mind, all of these work together to make for a good book. I, for one, am glad I recieved a copy of this book for this blog. I hope that we “cover” many more of Bill’s books later on in the future. 

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