The Realms Thereunder by Ross Lawhead – A book review

I recently recieved a copy of this book (a link will follow this post) and would like to share my thoughts about it with you.

The first impression I got when looking at this book was that the front cover looked interesting, enough to make me flip the book over and take a look at the blurb on the back to see if I wanted to continue this journey with the book.

Thats where things got a little hairy. I like sci-fi-fantasy books, mystery books, christian romance (by that I mean romance books without the junk and garbage that is basically porn without pictures that is so prevalent today), and a few select suspense books. I say a few select because I have a very vivid imagination and alot of suspense/thriller books are scary to me! I might be a chicken, but if a book is going to be scary, I might read it. That is not to say that I dont enjoy scary parts in the book, but I don’t enjoy creepy books. Whew, now that that is said, I was not sure after reading the blurb on the back that I wanted to continue, but while it made me a little nervous to read it, it also piqued my curiousity just enough that I wanted to see where the adventure of reading this book would take me.

I am only a short ways into the book, and I am not disappointed that I decided to continue the reading.

More impressions of the book, are: The map in the front of the book was hard to distinguish and see what it was supposed to be. If I see a map, I want to be able to read it and see whats going on it in.

Next was: I LOVED walking into the middle of a conversation on the first page of the book. I have started writing my own book and have used that exact type of introduction, so that earned bonus points in my book.

To top all of that off, I was super excited to read a book by ANY Lawhead, but I am starting to really look forward to Ross Lawhead’s books.

I am looking forward to see where the rest of the book will take me, look for more posts to follow concerning the contents of the book.

As always, I am pretty sure that In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

* Book link –

Author’s Web site  –

Check out to see what other people think about this book.


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3 thoughts on “The Realms Thereunder by Ross Lawhead – A book review

  1. Hi, Becky, sorry you didn’t get on the list with the other participants.

    Until you mentioned it, I’d completely forgotten there was a map, because like you, I want one that actually helps me understand things, not confuse me more. I’m guessing it might be more helpful in future books.

    Hey, I like your new look here. Happy to see your move is complete and you can concentrate a little more on the things you enjoy. Hope that means more blog tours. 😉


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