The other day my daughter was being a stubborn booger. Did I say that about my adorable 2 year old? Yep! Its true, as much as she is such a great girl, she is not perfect all the time. She has got a healthy dose of stubborness…from her father of course. 🙂

I was sitting at a ladies study next to two of my closest friends, one (Cassie) of whom had a nice yummy looking peach smoothie. My daughter, being the sweet-drink lover that she is, wanted it. Friend #2, Janelle, tried to pick her up and get her closer to the drink so she could get some…my daughter being stubborn and bullheaded whined and  cried and kicked her way off of her lap and went around to where she could get a drink of the drink on her OWN terms.  Janelle,  said “I was only trying to help get her closer to what she wanted, if only she would have realized that instead of going off and trying to do it on her own!”

I thought, “Yeah I know, what a stinker!” (and I was also thinking, ugh here we go with needing a discipline moment. I am almost 10 months pregnant and am tired and not wanting to get up to chase her…I DO, just don’t want to).

and then BOOM! It hit me… how often do WE as adults do this to Christ?! How often do we express a desire for something that looks so tantalizing to us, its not necessarily a bad thing, just something that looks sweet to us… God tries to lead us to it, or tries to bless us with something by leading us down a path that we don’t recognize, or in our own stubbornness, don’t WANT, and we deny and reject his help while kicking and crying and try to get to it our own way?

I wonder if at times God just shakes his head and says of us “If only they knew I was trying to help get them closer to what they wanted, if only they would realize that instead of going off and trying to do it on her own”, and then because of our rotten hearts and bad attitudes we need a little attitude adjustment. Not because God doesn’t want us to have the good thing, but because we in our limited understanding look at God’s leading as “not good enough” and we want to do it ourselves.

Yep, I think I know where Sarah got her stubborn streak from *sigh*



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