Preparing for pain….

My husband last night was talking to me about a friend of his that had/has cancer and was going to have surgery. In her journal she mentioned that the doctors told her it would hurt. A lot. And she mentioned “How do you prepare yourself for pain?”

That just got me to thinking of all the things I have gone through that have been painful and what i might have done before hand if I would have known I was going to go through pain. I.e., car accident, hiking accident, multiple concussions…and the one closest to my mind right now- Labor.

Some of you might be getting tired of me writing about kids or labor or pain, but that is whats on my mind right now. How do you prepare your mind mentally and your body physically for something that you KNOW Is going to hurt like crazy???  I have been praying since shortly after I got pregnant that I would be able to labor and deliver this baby without the epidural. I do not think its wrong to get one, I just really want to do it without this time and since I know myself and would rather get something to ease the pain, I figured I would present it to the one who knows my body the best and ask for help from the One who created me…God.

THAT prayer and thought and what is coming up that we remember at this time (the resurrection of our Lord) got to me to thinking of how Jesus prepared for pain. He did the same thing I am doing – he prayed!

Albeit I think the pain and suffering he went through FAR outweigh labor and delivery, especially the mental part of him taking on our sins and being separated from God,  but the bible says that he sweat drops as blood BEFORE the pain started…and while he was on the cross they tried to give him wine mixed with gall, from the studies I have heard the reason is because it was supposed to ease the pain and he denied it!!! I am not sure I will be so strong to do that, I have asked the midwives to not even bring it (pain meds) up to me unless *I* ask for it.

My thoughts are all jumbled on this post but with everything that is going on, I thought it was something worthy to think on. How did Jesus prepare for pain? How would I have prepared my body for the pain of having my bones broken (car accident), or my head cracked against a rock (hiking accident), my head cracked against a car part (concussions) and how am I preparing my body for labor? How do/can I prepare mentally for the pain of labor and delivery?

How do /did/ would YOU prepare for pain?




3 thoughts on “Preparing for pain….

  1. Sometimes we can’t prepare. Worry actually makes the pain worse. We accept the pain for what it is, embrace our lives, and keep moving forward.

    You might want to read up a little on mindfulness. Its techniques can be used to help pain management.

    Good luck with the labor!

  2. a side note a friend brought out: as christians we do not only remember Christ’s resurrection from the dead only at this time of year… we remember it every Lords Day and should be remembering it more often than that. This is just the time of year where it seems many people seem to purposely remember it more than other times…just don’t limit it to once a year. Just like we should not limit thinking about the miracle of Christ’s birth to only once a year… think of it often….

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