Fit2b 90 day challenge

Hey all,

I know you are all avid readers of this blog, all 3 of you, but thought I would let you know what I am doing.

I am part of an online studio called Fit2b. Fit to be what? Fit to be…fit. Fit to be… a mom. Fit to be…flexible. Fit to be…able to play on the floor with my kids and not hurt. Fit to be…able to walk without my hip hurting. Fit to be…mentally stable!

All of these are areas that have been helped by having exercise play a major role in my life.

When I was 30, 32 weeks pregnant I joined fit to be studios and was able to do exercises with Beth Learn, the founder and the leader of the exercises of Fit2b.
Since then I have been blessed to be a part of this community via FB and via the website that hosts the videos that I was able to do all the way up to the delivery of baby girl #2, Claire. Since I gave birth I have struggled with post partum depression and there have been 5 major things that have helped me deal with that. 1. More time in God’s word, it is important to exercise spiritually as well as physically I have found, and they go hand in hand. When I don’t both, I feel like something is lacking. 2. Working out. Now the phrase “Working out” might mean to you bench pressing, being able to tear phone books in half, something along those lines…to me, working out involves: doing a couch to 5K program with my sister and sister in law, I ran, for the first time, 20 minutes straight last week and the feeling was amazing! I didn’t die, I didn’t pass out, and what made me feel even better was that I wasn’t in agony afterward! That was the longest I had ever, you read that right, EVER run in my life. Thank you Jesus! Doing the C25K is not the only thing I do however, I also do workouts from Beth’s online fitness studio. A good majority of the workouts on there are ones that are gentle motions, with tons of encouragement from Beth like “just do what you can”, and  “Don’t beat yourself up if you are not further along than what you think you should be…you are doing more than you did just 10 minutes ago”, add to that her witty, sometimes self-deprecating humor, down to earth-ness (yes I just made that word up) and you have an outlet to workout, in my own home mind you, that makes you feel like you are right there with her, and you don’t feel like you have to make excuses for not having your makeup done, not being in the latest workout clothes, or for not being as peppy as you would like to be. You feel like you are just able to…well…be. There are so many times where I start a video and I feel frumpy. I feel grumpy. I feel down in the..dumpy. (ha. ha. ) but once I start my body moving and I stick with it, alot of her workouts are only 10 minutes, afterward I feel like I can accomplish anything. I might not have run a marathon, but I did more than I would have just sitting on the couch, and I pat myself on the back. One day I might be the mom that looks and feels like I have it all together, but today at least I can have my workout done.


All that being said, a few members from the very encouraging community of fellow worker-outers, have started a 90 day challenge to workout and be healthier. I too wanted to join the bandwagon and so am participating.


My goals for the F2B90…do exercise EVERY day, including sunday, my busiest day of the week, and drink more water.

I would sort of like to be about 15 lbs lighter at the end than when I started but, my dr, and other people have told me that muscles weigh more than fat does so I am trying to not be discouraged when I don’t see the scale dropping but I have been seeing the inches get less and less.

I am not very confident about posting my weight and stats on here, but figure if I do, that will give me that much more incentive to workout and be able to post smaller stats at the end!!!  I am only going to post a few stats as I don’t want to be inappropriate, but would still like to brag at the end of 90 days. Hopefully.


so here goes. It is only day 3 and I did not measure today, but my current weight as of today is 193.2lbs, my belly is currently at 42 1/4″ and I wear a size 18 pants.

whew..I typed it. now to post it. ugh. Here I go.




3 thoughts on “Fit2b 90 day challenge

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  2. becky you are so amazing! I’m so glad I found your blog to read! just wanted to say thank you! I actually found fit2b. thur you from posting on ur fb a few month maybe even yr back and I have been learning so much from beth. I read other people’s posts but its different because I don’t know them even if they say something that could be true for all I know they could be a computer lol. but every time I read something you just finished doing or accomplished it motivates me to want to do the same to better my health and to do it with bella is even better since I know u do some videos with Sarah as well! keep up the good work! you are so amazing and have been doing so good too! I would love to start the 90 day challenge soon too! maybe we can run a 5k sometime together well I maybe have to walk it for a while b4 I start running it. but hopefully it wont be to long of a while! love you keep up the good work and keep the postings going I love reading them!

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