F2B90 day 5!

Back again. *sigh* (contented one this time). Alright, I can NOT express enough through little tiny characters on a blank page without hand motions and the excited squeals that go along with that how excited I am!!!

This is day 5 of my Fit 2 b 90 day challenge and I. have. stuck. with. it!!! O.k, some of you might be saying, “Uhm Becky, this is ONLY day 5”, my rebuttal to you would be, “Hey, This is day 5! I have done some form of exercise EVERY single one of those days! And weighed myself AND made more of an effort to drink a full 8 glasses of water. On the water front, I have not done so well, the closest I have gotten was 6 glasses in one day, but the thing is I have stayed with it. 

Tonight I did a workout that is a variation of an exercise I have done before but never really “gotten” it before. The thing I love about these videos is that even in my busy days, vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry, watching my niece and nephew along with my two little loveys, (they are great and LOVE netflix though so its easy! lol), taking care of my upset-tummy-crying machine masquerading as a cute little 6 month old, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner AND clipping coupons, even in the midst of all that, I can fit a video in and feel so much better about myself!

I love the fact that on the days I want/need to go for a run, my wonderful hubby will watch both the girls when he is able, Sunday afternoon however was not a day he was able. He was doing his workout, chopping wood (actually, I was informed that it was called “splitting” wood, not cutting because cutting goes across the grain and SPLITTING, well, it SPLITS the grains- thank you husband). So, handy person that I am, I got out the coolest thing I have in my garage (a double seater JOGGING stroller!!!), pumped up the tires, after I figured out how to take them off, put them back on full of air, put the big girl down for a nap,  (hubby was RIGHT outside the door…she was safe) and wrapped up little girl and set out to do my Couch to 5K run with my sister in law.


That run is kicking my hindquarters but…you guessed it. I DID IT! This was week 6, actually TECHNICALLY I think it is about 12 weeks that we have done this, but between family vacations, pneumonia  bum legs, bad colds, bronchitis, and toes or feet that were hurt somehow (that was both of us!), we are just getting to week 6 together. 

This was a warm up, a 10 minute run, a 3 minute walk and another 10 minute run and then a cool down. I thought, Sooooooo easy, I’ve already done a 20 minute straight run, two 10 minute runs is nothing.

I ate my words. It is something. Especially when pushing a 15lber in a stroller. I felt such a sense of accomplishment though when last night before I went to bed, I flexed and happened to see definition in my leg muscle!!!  I have muscles in my legs!!! I  have always had a stronger lower body than an upper body but I have never really seen evidence of it before last night. 

That euphoric feeling is the same one I had tonight after I finished my workout. They are two totally separate workouts, but I think the reason I had the feeling both times is because, as stated before, I “stuck” with it, and I feel great!  

Lord willing, I am going to finish this challenge having done some form of exercise every single day.

Lord willing, I am going to RUN a 5k.

Lord Willing, I am going to drink a full 8 glasses of water every day.

Lord willing, I am going to be….fit. 


Weigh in: 193.2lbs

Stats: Belly – 46 1/4



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