GF Journey – Sundays and more

Hey all (there are still 3 of you reading my blog right?! lol) I am back with more musings for you to read and devour.

So I recently started on my Gluten Free journey and so far in the past two weeks I have felt GREAT!

The weight has started dropping off, which I am sure has been aided by the rowing that I am doing 3 times a week. I have lost around 4 lbs just in the last week alone.

While I was at church on sunday getting ready to partake in the communion, also called Lords Supper, it hit me that “communion bread” is made with, get ready for it….flour. Which has…Gluten.

So why is this a big deal you say? I am a christian, and as such, I partake of the Lords supper every Sunday. Why not just skip it? The Lords supper is a memorial in which those who have been baptized for the remission of their sins, remember Jesus’s sacrifice for our sins. We remember his death, his burial and resurrection…each. and every. Sunday.

As a christian, this is not something that I am willing, or going to, skip. So what is a Gluten Free, Lords Supper Partaking person supposed to do? Each month I have a set cooking/baking goal.  My Goal for this month is to make a GF great tasting cake for my daughters 1 year birthday party. Next months goal (since its a week until the end of the month) is to make a GF communion bread for us to use at church. When I come up with a good recipe, that is GF, I  will share it on here.

Typically for Lords supper bread, I just recommissioned a pie crust recipe, which I just within the past few months have mastered, so I am hoping to use that as a launching pad and go from there.

I have typically when craving a sandwich, just reached for the corn tortillas that I get from our local WIC (women, Infants and Children) program and do GF meat, or usually meatless and load up on veggies and cheese. There have been however a few times I have been desiring a bread like substance to eat my sandwiches on, or I have desired to have biscuits, or some other bread -like thing. The recipes I have found that have been the best so far was from a website called “Elana’s Pantry“…awesome website, awesome recipes, and SUPER delicious bread. I did not have “agave nectar” or “arrowroot powder” so in their places I used honey and cornstarch…respectively. The one thing that I would say that this bread could use would be to mash up a banana and sprinkle a few chocolate chips in, and voila, GF chocolate chip banana bread! YUM!

The other recipes that I have found have been from the “Wheat belly” Cookbook and I am pretty sure that it is Copyrighted so I cant post that on here. But what I WILL say is to check out the book from the library, borrow it from a friend, or do as I am going to do, and buy it off of amazon because the recipes have been great! I was able to eat biscuits and honey tonight as a snack. YUM.

The one other thing I want to share with you is that up till now (or should I say, two weeks ago) I had distinct hunger pains…almost all the time. I would wake up, hungry. Go to bed, hungry (but know I should quit eating at a certain time). I would go to a friends house, hungry. I would go out to meet the girls after dinner at our local pizza shop (for salad usually but we always ended up eating breadsticks)…hungry. When it came to baked goods, I would usually try to limit myself but I always…always…wanted more. This all after I came along way from when I was a 15 year old and could hold my own right next to my 3 growing brothers who were quite a bit more active than I was. Now, don’t get me wrong, my plate was not always piled high with food and I had a good control on my serving size and how many returns I would make. But bring out the cake, the hoho’s the coffee cake, the cookies…thats where my weakness was. Oreo double stuffed cookies…oh wow could those bring a sense of just YUM-ness to my mind. I have friends who would laugh at me because I would always say “I love food”…some of them however could not understand why I loved food. They loved clothes, or shopping, or going on twirly rides that make me want to pass out just thinking of them, but for me it was the yummy food.

Since I have gone Gluten Free…I still eat, but I don’t “love” food anymore. I still enjoy a good cookie, or a good biscuit (GF of course)…but I don’t have that hunger for it either!!!!!!! This might seem silly but it feels as if I have been addicted to a drug for a long time and I finally kicked the habit! “My name is Becky and I am a gluten-a-holic”.

I am not saying this to make anyone think that once you go on GF diet that all things will magically get better, or that GF food tastes bad…that is not the truth. What I am saying is this. I feel full. I don’t feel stuffed, I don’t still feel hungry after eating and I rarely go back for seconds because I know what I eat is enough. I am sure there are still areas that I could get better in, but for now, this is a great start.

Good bye and your friend Hunger can go sit on the curb cuz this ride is out of here.



2 thoughts on “GF Journey – Sundays and more

  1. I am not the brightest bulb in the closet, so just last week it hit me. I have been gluten free for over a year but I have been taking the Lord’s Supper that whole time, so technically I haven’t been gluten free. It’s probably not enough to be a big deal, but if you come up with a gluten free recipe I want it.

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