GF Journey – Recipe Fail

Hey all,

So I have to share that since I have been doing GF at times my husband has teased me about GF standing for “Good Free”…as in anything Gluten Free is also free of good taste.

Now, I know that is not true. But he thinks he’s cute and funny…probably because I laugh at him and…well he is cute.

BUT this blog today is about a Gluten FAIL, not about my awesome  cute hubby.

I tried making Coleslaw the other day, had the cabbage, the carrots, the onion, everything. and so I thought I would try making the sauce from scratch. That included making the mayo by scratch.

Lets just say I tweaked the recipe a bit…substituted coconut milk for rice milk, usually no problem. Used the oils that they called for, everything else. This recipe mind you WAS a vegan recipe, so maybe that accounted for the difference in taste but…I can not tell you how difficult it was to throw out a whole bowl full of yummy cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic and such, JUST because the sauce was bad. the sauce tasted alright by itself, when I put it all together it was HORRIBLE.

Talk about a Gluten Fail.  I even tried letting it sit so the flavors would meld together just like regular ‘slaw. No go…

So not all recipes are exactly transferable to a  GF lifestyle. If I have to go through my life not eating coleslaw, I think I can handle that.

That is not to say that I am giving up, but since there are some mayo’s out there that are naturally GF, I think I will just go from there. 🙂

On another note… I had a, for lack of better words, relapse the other day.

My old familiar friend, pain, excruciating pain, came back, quite uninvited. Very rude, but there it was.

It felt like the symptoms I have been free of from almost over 2 months now…it brought tears to my eyes because I was soooooo sure I was never going to deal with this again! Instead, it found me with 2 days of intense abdominal pain, followed by several hours stuck in the bathroom while my husband asked me if I was o.k. Seriously, the embarrassment, was almost enough by itself to do me in. Now we have been married for almost 10 years, I have had 2 children with my husband present, and yet having my husband know that I am having tummy troubles, i.e. diarhea, STILL brings embarrassment to me. Which is why I use words like “my stomach is upset” or “tummy troubles”; I can NOT bring myself to SAY it to him. Thankfully, because we have been married almost 10 years, and he has dragged the word out of me, usually in front of doctors, he knows what I mean. This time was probably made worse due to the fact that I was walking home from my niece’s swim lesson and had to call to have my husband walk the rest of the way home with the girls while I zoomed back home in the car.

For the rest of the day and on into the next, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out “where did I slip up?” “Did I eat something the girls left on their plate, just on auto pilot?” “Was it the shake that I thought was safe from the local coffee shop?” “Was it the bento bowl I had with GF sauce and GF cookies on the side?” “WHERE DID I GO WRONG?!”

After reading in some books and other blogs, I came to realize that I might never know, I can just be more vigilant here on out. And thankfully, there are many options out there now for those of us who are going GF. Even for those who want coleslaw.  🙂

For those who have Celiac’s disease or Gluten Intolerance (which, after further speaking with my Dr, is what I actually have), or other such diseases or issues where you have to be frank about what is going on… I have to applaud you. It is tough to be frank with people when they ask you whats going on. Or you have to ask people to make concessions for you because you can’t control your bowels or bladder. UGH. not fun. But, necessary. And bravery is doing what is necessary even when it embarrasses you to death. At least in my opinion. I am still working on being brave and still working on my GF journey. I would say one instance in the past 2 months is pretty good numbers.

Hope your journey is finding you episode free and full of recipes that are Gluten Free and Flavor Full!


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