This was written after a good friend and brother in the Lord passed away on August 30th, 2012. It does not seem like its been close to a year….still miss him and his godly counsel.


Why does my heart ache?
Why do tears stream down my face?
Why does food in my mouth have no taste?
Maybe because the world is less one of the human race.

Why then am I joyfull you say?
What could possibly be good about this day?
Our loved one has gone HOME
No more on this earth to roam.

That should not make you glad,
You say I should forever be sad
But here’s a secret, my friend,
this life is NOT the end.

If you are in Christ, you are a new creature,Christ in you becomes your best feature
You die and then Home to Glory
The legacy you leave, best describes your story.

Will it be full of envy, strife and hate?
Or will it be one that points towards a heavenly fate?
Full of love, compassion, mercy and grace?
Fully reflecting the glory of Christ’s face?

There are only two places one could go
To be with the Savior above, or to despair down below
The choice is yours my friend
Remember, death is a beginning, not the end.

Copyright Rebekah Jesse 2013



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