Becoming a “navel gazer”….

You might be wondering what I mean by the title of this blog. Usually Navel Gazer means someone who is focused solely on themselves…or is all about themselves. While that CAN be true of me at times, this is not what I am talking about. At least, well..maybe…I AM writing a blog about myself so…whatever! just read the blog.

So for the past 3 years or so I have been part of an online fitness community called Fit2B. I originally found interest in it because a childhood friend of mine started it, and I found the idea of an online fitness studio that was family friendly, centered on healing womens bodies, affordable, and doable from my living room, all VERY appealing. In the past 3 years, I have come to enjoy it for its OWN benefits. It is super nice to be able to stay in touch with someone from the past, but beyond that, doing these workouts have helped my broken body (anyone remember what I call “My car accident” about 12 years ago? yeah, still dealing with issues from that), it has helped my at times broken mind, (post partum depression can really work a number on someone) and at other times my broken heart. Too many stories to recount here. And some too personal to even share on a blog.

How can a “fitness” studio do all that you might ask?
Bear with me and I will walk you through a life in the day of a Fit2B-er.
I get up and get the girls ready for the day, that involves diaper changing, carrying a 20 lber, sometimes carrying a 40 lber kid (sometimes both at once!), all while being 6 months pregnant. I get them settled, me settled, and then pain. My hip aches, my back aches…at times my tummy muscles ache… I think… what did I do? Did I pick the girls up wrong? was it BECAUSE I picked the girls up?
Then I look out the window at the cloudy grey skies and I remember. Oh yeah…the weather is changing. Well, at least its not because I DID anything wrong…should I go for the tylenol and the heating pad? The girls are getting restless at this point and I remember. Oh yeah! Maybe I should do my workouts! That has ALWAYS helped to alleviate the stress and the pain from different aches and pains that occur when the pressure drops or rises.

I start a video… the girls are clambering all over to be heard… “Bitty bellies”! “NO! I want Robot Yoga!” “Ob-ot-goga!” “Funny face fitness”! This is how I get the girls attention… I show them the kids video and tell them…Mommy gets a workout in FIRST then I will put on whatever workout you guys want to do. (smart mommy, right?! riiiiiiiiiiiight)

I load up the queue of the different pathways on the Roku Channel that the studio has…lets see…do I want to do a pregnancy related one, a stretching one, a Chair Blend one? Oooh! I see a new one by Kelly Dean! She’s the “new lady on the block” is how I think of her. In actuality she has been working with Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2B studios for quite some time. Kelly Dean is the founder of a different type of website, equally as helpful, but in a rehab sort of way called The Tummy Team.

Back to the workout…oh! its title is “Pregnancy Stretching”..this is the one that the online Facebook community has been lovingly calling the “prego stretcho” video. I load it up, get set up and for the next 10 minutes or so, I get relief. Sigh. The tears start to flow as I do a stretch that allows the tight muscles around the location of the screw that is in my sacrum to actually release. The constant steady, unexplainable ache that has been building up for the past 3 sunny days has now been alleviated. I don’t know why I don’t remember the screw there until the weather changes..but I forgot that the pressure is constantly changing in the Pacific Northwest. So even on sunny days, often there will be an ache. Its chronic, meaning I deal with it ALL the time. Some days the degree of pain is less, some days its more. On those days when I am able to get a workout in, it is DEFINITELY less. 10 minutes of my day (or more if I want it) for less aching and pain-ing and whining? (that would be ME doing the whining…not the kids this time). Yeah, I would say its worth it.

Is that it though?

Nope, from there I go online to the FB community that is part of Fit2b, or to the new forums that are part of the members privaleges on the site and I share my accomplishment for the day. Once I hit the enter button, almost IMMEDIATELY there is someone responding with a “good job!” “Way to go” or some other sort of accolade…for 10 minutes? You better believe it! Most of these ladies know what its like to try to carve out 10 minutes just to focus on getting yourself healthy while also focusing on the housework, the childwork, the work outside of the home-work, the homework, whatever the work is. These ladies offer support. From there, the conversation goes on into other subjects. From the light “how was your day?” to the more deeper stuff of “I’m sorry for the loss of your baby”… the community that one (the one in this instance being ME) finds is astounding at times. Some people have gone on there to vent about inlaws coming in, sick children or spouses, or frustrating days with the kids. During ALL of this, support is offered.

You might call Fit2B, a gateway drug.

We all start out doing the workouts because we want something….different. We are looking for something 1) affordable, 2) doable, 3) approachable, and probably the one that is most important and keeps people coming back for more…4) real.

The leader of our motley workout crew is always keeping it real, from letting us know when she loses it and yells at her kids to telling us about the exhausting night of birthing baby goats on her little farm! (cuuuuuuutest little kid I’ve ever seen by the way…get it…kid..goat…ah hahaha. I crack myself up sometimes)

Ahem. Anywhooooo

People have gotten involved in the workouts with something called a Mommy tummy…for those of you who have this, you know what it is. If you don’t have it, you might now know. You don’t have to be a Mom to have a mommy tummy…or even a woman to have a “mommy tummy” for that sake!  Alot of people that have that extra pooch of belly, sometimes just hanging around. and they can’t. get. No matter how many crunches, or sit ups or planks that they do, it still hangs around.
Turns out this little pooch is from whats called a Diastasis Recti…its a real thing, and really hard to say. lol

A DR (as its affectionately called) is a separation of the muscles in your tummy, your abs and the lining in between the muscles..often thinning out and separating to the point of some people can get a whole fist in between the transverse abdominal muscles…this is NOT the way the body was meant to be people. People who have this often suffer from urinary incontinence, (have to cross your legs when you sneeze anyone? just because?!), what is called prolapse, muscle aches and strains and more…and it can NOT be fixed by just doing nothing. Its not going to go away on its own people. There is work involved. PLEASE check it out (you can do that by clicking on the DR link, or the diastasis recti link…or any of the links in this blog). If it turns out you don’t have it, GREAT! You are doing something right!!! If it turns out you do have it…Great! it means you are doing something right by looking into it and trying to get it taken care of!!

Beth has specifically made these workouts to where they are not going to do any more damage to your body. In fact, many woman have found healing for their bodies using Fit2B…some women need something more however. They need actual rehab work for their bodies. That’s where this fitness community is a little…different too. If Fit2B can’t help you, Beth has NO problem referring you to experts in other areas that CAN help. These are ones that she has personally worked with, tried out their programs and reported back on how they work for her. She is not all about keeping the business for herself. While she does desire to keep your business, she knows and understands that there are some things she can not help you with, and that’s where the referrals come in. She knows her limits and if someone needs more helps, she encourages you to seek it out! Don’t keep doing damage to yourself by not getting the help you need. Do the rehab work, AND the fitness work you need. Just don’t do NOTHING about it. Her caring attitude comes into play and you can tell that there is a real person behind this different fitness community by her compassion for broken and hurting women.

That’s where The Tummy Team comes in. For awhile now, Beth has been having a guest appearing on her workout videos to help lead in a few exercises…can you guess who that person is? Kelly Dean! The new lady on the block. The one that has been helping my aches and pains alleviate with her prego stretcho video. Now, to be fair, the prego stretcho video is not the only one I do, but it is one I keep coming back to for help (and this video has only been up a few weeks!) That coupled with a few of the other videos and I am SET for the day! Not to mention, my kids get a workout in too, because they are often following mommy’s lead.

I went and checked out The Tummy Team‘s page, and lo and behold! She (Kelly, the director of The Tummy Team) has an prenatal training video! Oh yay! Being 25 1/2 weeks pregnant, this is something that is near and dear to my…well I was going to say heart, but more correctly speaking, its near and dear to my uterus that is housing this wonderful new baby! 🙂

Not only does she have a prenatal program, her site has the belly binder that my midwife recommended I get!

Hmmmm thats it, I want to check this lady out. I looked at her program, asked a few ladies who had gone through it and that was that!
I am doing a review of her program and of the splint they sell on the page!!! Yay oh yay! I am so excited to be working with The Tummy Team and Kelly Dean on this. The best part? I can do it from home!!! While her offices are NOT that far away from me, being just in Camas, Washington, being a stay at home mom with 2 little ones, 6 months pregnant, AND being a 1 car family…its just not feasible for me to make it into the office for the rehab program. I was very excited to see they had an online video version of it…score another one for us stay-at-homers!!! Want to know another “best part”? If I want to, I can (and often DO) do the workouts from Fit2B in my pj’s…without my hair done…and without having to pay a babysitter to watch the kids so I can get some work done for me for once. Oh yeah. Guess what I plan on wearing for my first prenatal video with The Tummy Team? You guessed it! Pajamas…or more affectionately known as “yoga pants”. lol

I will be posting updates of how the program is going, so if any of you get interested in this, you can follow my journey through this time of pregnancy, and hopefully healing and helping my body do even better than it did with the other 2 pregnancies.

I am hoping to learn how to carry my baby/mommy body, heal my tummy a bit more, and help my body ease up a little on the pain and pressure that I have been having.
I am also hoping that this program and the techniques I learn through it will help during the time of labor and delivery. 28 hours of labor anyone? no? Me either. Been there, done that, don’t want a repeat! (please note, there is no guarantee of doing the rehab slowing or speeding up the labor time… I would just like to have a little more help for my body this time around. 🙂 )

If this sounds like something YOU want to do, I will be posting a promo code in my next blog that you can use that will get you 25% off of the price of either the prenatal training program, or the core foundations training program.

So what are you waiting for? Become a navel gazer with me…not in the self-centered way in that all you think about is yourself, but in the way that you are working on healing your navel housing…your core so as to be able to better take care of those around you.
Let me know your thoughts!


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