Tummy Team week 1

Here I am already on week 1 of my prenatal training and rehab for my mommy belly.

The goal of all of this to engage my body to awareness. Oh wow I just sounded like a yoga master or something…I am not talking about “reaching awareness of the Divine”, I already have that with my relationship with Jesus Christ when I decided to become a christian and be baptized for the forgiveness of my sins…which were many (and sometimes I still struggle with them)…being a christian is not easy…its not a “fix”, or a crutch…being a christian is a DAILY commitment to trying to be more like Christ, and trying to become more of who he wants me to be…asking for forgiveness of when I’ve done wrong, striving to please God in my actions and thoughts and trying to tell others about Him…now that I think about it…I guess doing this program is alot like being a christian. PLEASE do not misunderstand me people. I am not elevating the Tummy Team to the level of God…but I am saying that I see alot of similarities between the program and my walk with Christ.

Its a daily thing. Its not a “fix”, like a drug is a fix, and its not a crutch. Its a lifestyle change. Its something that I am trying to do DAILY and bring more awareness (there’s that word!) to my muscles and doing what they are supposed to do.

I have learned so much about what muscles there even ARE in my body that I didn’t know about! Everyone talks about “the 6 pack”, or “ripped abs”…well after doing just a few exercises that the Tummy Team has prescribed and understanding and looking at the anatomy, I understand more why they are called “ripped abs”!

There is a difference between doing “a” workout during the day, and working “through out” the day. Trust me, I have found the difference.

The “exercises” that Kelly at the Tummy Team puts me through are not something that is “one and done”…its something that you incorporate into your every day life. Her phrase that I have noticed alot, and I agree with, is “Our bodies are more of a ‘Use it or Lose it’ system”…that is, you either USE the muscle that you have, or you LOSE it…not that its gone for ever (thankfully!!!), but that it atrophies over time.

I am well aware of the Use it or Lose it system our bodies have.

After my car accident years ago, I was bedridden for about 2 months while I was in the hospital and in rehab, relearning how to walk again, use the bathroom again, put my socks on again… yeah. Fun times. I remember being proud of the muscles in my legs, and I still remember the day I looked down and was aware of my body (I was PRETTY doped up on some heavy narcotics to cut the pain of bone grinding against bone with my pelvis being broken on both sides) and I remember crying because my legs looked so tiny. I still technically HAD muscles there…but they were so weak and so tiny from disuse that it took quite awhile before I gained any muscle mass back at all. Or any mass for that matter.

It did not surprise me then to find Kelly of The Tummy Team ,talking about muscle atrophy…in our tummies.

What DID surprise me though, and this is probably repeat for alot of you that I have personally talked to, is how MUCH our tummy muscles do for us.
Did you know, and these might be a no brainer, that your tummy muscles are used for 1)using the bathroom 2)having babies 3)how we sit and stand 4)helping us get up out of bed 5)helping us carry in the groceries 6)help us carry in the sleeping kids from the car…just to name a few.


I am going to post later on this week some more about what my goals and expectations are for this program.

If you are interested in joining me, there is a promo code that you can use that Kelly set up for me. Its only good for the next 2 weeks so PLEASE check out the program, take a look and see if its something that can help you. Man or woman, I betΒ  you can find a way for this to help you…especially if you deal with any of the symptoms listed on the home page of the Tummy Team’s site.

Oh and if you DO sign up for the program in the next 2 weeks, make sure to enter the code that gives you 25% off the program!Β  The code you enter at check out is “JESSEBECKY”, no quotes.

Let me know your thoughts. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Tummy Team week 1

  1. Having just finished the program, I can totally relate to where you are right now. It is such a big adjustment to your daily life – but well worth the time and energy and brain power to remember to do all the assignments! Everyone has such interesting back stories. Your accident sounds awful, but it also sounds like it imparted in you patience, wisdom and perseverance that will help you go far with this program! Good luck!!

    • thank you JenEverAfter! It is so funny how the stuff that Kelly talks about works its way into my subconcious…like… “being aware” lol I went back to watch the last video of week 1 and right in big bold letters…there it is “awareness”! lol I definitely have a lot of perseverance…patience and wisdom I am working on constantly. πŸ™‚

  2. I think this is wonderful. When I injured my hip my therapist told me to contract my abs when I stood from the chair so my hips weren’t doing all the work and getting more strained than they already were. You do use your tummies a lot during the course of a day. The abs are one of the largest muscle groups of the body. Use them to our advantage! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

    • now that you mention that teresa, I DO remember that tidbit of info…but there was ALOT of info that I have forgotten in the past 12 years! Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

      • I feel like I’m slow getting started. I think I picked the wrong day to start. I’ll be getting my videos on Saturday…not a great day for video watching. Oops. But Monday, I did very well. Today, I teach classes and am on my feet, so this evening I managed to get my activities in! Yeah! The rest of the week should go smoothly. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m “engaging” too hard. I seem to want to use my glutes to help. I just read on the forum someone else had that problem. Kelly recommended just engaging about 80% and see if that helps to not use the glutes. That seems to work. How are you doing?

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  4. lol that person was me! I am doing good right now. I keep forgetting at least ONE thing every day, but try to take note of it and add it in the next day. The printouts are a lifesaver! Try engaging your core and then sitting straight up…it helps me not use my glutes so much. Also, practice while on the toilet! that can help too!

    • lol. Glad you asked that question! I need to be a little more outgoing and ask some questions, too. πŸ™‚ I think it does help to engage the core and sit up straight on the toilet, also. I wonder if my problem is that I know that it’s my lower belly that is the worst – 6 finger separation – so I’m more tempted to try to really engage the lower tummy? I probably should ask Kelly about it. I’m sure she would have some words of wisdom there. I am VERY excited about doing the exercises and getting my linea albia (sp?) closed up! Did you decide to splint?

  5. yes I did splint. It helps a ton as I have alot of pain in my hips (from the car accident) and tend to have pelvic pain as well. The splint helps a TON. I highly recommend it. (idea for next post!!!) πŸ™‚

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