Toys in…bible days

So my 2nd daughter, Claire, has now twice put and tried to swallow money. Not the paper kind, but the air blocking silver and copper kind.  Twice we have had first responders (whom our eldest affectionately calls The Heroes <appropriate, right?>) show up at our house just seconds after Cris has managed to yank the offending piece of precious metal out of her windpipe and up over her tongue through her teeth to bring the money back where it belongs…NOT in Claire’s mouth, or esophagus. Sigh.

So what does that have to do with bible times? You might think I am going to expound on the story of the widows mite, or some other money related lesson.  You would be wrong.

After watching our 9 month old third child tonight go into her sisters room and try to put some small object into HER mouth (monkey see, monkey do, monkey choke too!), it made me wonder about biblical time mothers.

Did Mary, the mother of Jesus, go into Jesus’ room and wonder “should I take out all the toys that could choke his siblings?” Or maybe it was something more like “I wonder what Elizabeth did with her kids when she had told John for the MILLIONTH time to quit putting the writing tools into his mouth…should I get rid of ALL paper and crayons…er…papyrus and ink?”

Or here’s another one I find us dealing with, especially with three girls…did mothers in Bible times have to tell their children to “quit using ALL the leaves in the outhouse, your father works long hours down at the quarry to bring home those leaves!”…. In my mind I tend to think that biblical children never wavered, never stressed their mothers out and never ever embarrassed their mother’s. But the Bible says that (speaking of Jesus) we do not have a high priest that can not empathize with us, because he himself has been tempted in every way yet was without sin (Hebrews 4:15).  So that tells me that not just the mothers of biblical times probably understood or at least went through something similar as what I am going through, but more importantly that Jesus Christ himself knows the frustration I am going through…that is, that he can empathize with me. Sometimes I feel like I am the ONLY one who has ever had to deal with this.  Knowing that I am not alone helps.

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