The Pit of depression

This is the first in a series I will be doing about dealing with the pit that we can find ourselves in and the endless time it can seem to be when you find you are in one of those pits.

The other day in a forum for a fitness studio that I am a part of, a mom opened up and mentioned that she had just had a baby and felt like she was struggling with post partum depression (PPD), and asked what things other moms have done to help during those times. The following is my reply to her.

Hugs! Know this. 1)you are not alone. 2)this does not make you a bad mom or love your children any less. 3) give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for recognizing the need and reaching out for help. 4) there is a whole slew of people willing to help that I bet you know personally. Write their names down in a lucid moment, write them big and bold and their phone number next to them because in the pit moments you will forget that there are those who love you and WANT to help. 5)things that have helped me. a)multivitamins, magnesium, liquid vitamin b, some kind of oil supplement, fish or cod or flax, because our brains need that and so do our *bodies for producing all that milk. Also b) working out. Even if its for 5 minutes. Sometimes just seeing beth on the screen helped me. Seeing that she was talking TO me and not to my kids or about the cute little baby but was concerned about MY wellbeing helped. C) open those curtains and the windows! If you can, place the littles someplace safe, and jusy step out onto the porch for some vitamin D on you, every day. Set a timer. 5 minutes, or even 2 minutes and even holding the baby with you. The key is to get outside. If there is a tree nearby, takr thr kids, set them down and all lean against the tree. Its called grounding anf sometimes it just helps. D) there are essential oils that helped me stay sane. Somr grounding, some uplifting and some just smelled good which made me smile which made my brain start firing off happy thoughts. 6) I will PM you my number and you can call and vent and cry. We are all here for you and are pulling for you. I am praying for you momma!!!!

*edited for our readers of gender other than the nursing mother*

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