The Pit (part 2)

Yesterday I shared what advice I gave a momma about dealing with PPD (post partum depression ) and thought I would continue the thought today.

I think if I were to add something else to the list of advice given, the first bit of it would be to pray. Pray out loud. Pray during the quiet and the not so quiet moments. Tell your frustrations to God, he made you and he knows how you feel and wants to be there for you. 

Also, when the things get overwhelming for you. The dirty dishes, the clothes, the house, whatever the issue…utelize a timer. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Fold laundry for 5 minutes. Then applaud yourself for getting it done. Who cares if it seems silly, just do it. Try it. Then spend the hour with the babies, or the kids or whatever. Then at the beginning of the next hour set the timer again.

One thing I have learned from Flylady and from Beth Learn of Fit2B is that for something to be effective, it doesn’t have to be marathon time from the initial get go. You start slowly and build upon that. Start with 5 minutes and tell yourself “I can do anything for 5 minutes except complain. If the kids interrupt that “only 5 minutes!!!!!”, don’t get discouraged. Remember the timer is still going and you can’t complain during that time. Try again the next hour. And the hour after that. If you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes with the kids pounding on the door, that’s OK. Take it for yourself. Whether its 5 minutes for doing dishes or laundry, or 5 minutes of a workout, that sometimes the kids even join in and then you can get a whole workout in (!!!!), just take those 5 minutes. It might not seem like much but it will help.

The pit of depression can seem so deep and so impenetrable and can be so disheartening. But please, please take heart. From one mommawho has gone through that pit many times to you: it does not last forever. It DOES get better. Pat yourself on the back for recognizing it and for looking for help. Don’t stop. Don’t give up and don’t give in to the hateful voices inside your head telling you that you are not good enough, joyful enough, strong enough, or smart enough to figure this out. Don’t give in to those lies. Please be kind to yourself, even if you have to tell the internal voices to quiet down (all of us know the internal voice I’m talking about!…right?).  Also, please feel free to reach out to me. Dear mom or dad who is dealing with post partum depression, I’ve been there.


Here is the link to the first blog about the pit. 

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