Fitting in fitness

It’s been a long while since I have written anything.  Having 3 kids, 6 and under, and helping family members who have broken bones, and everything in between has a habit of just popping up and pushing writing to the side, as it (w)rightly should.

Now I am in a position where I can write.


I am trying to take back my health, take back my mental and physical  health as having three kids in 6 years has seemed to take a toll on me, and those have probably gotten the worst of it.


As before when I have been in good, and not so good, headspaces, I have tools I utilize to get there.

For my health, I have been making an effort, spurred on by my determination  to get and be better, (and by a visit to a few doctors that gave me information that I was not hoping to hear) to do some form of exercise  every day, changing eating habits,  and making time for my health.


I have been utilizing my membership with online fitness studio, fit2b, and if you search through my blog, you will see that many times it has been a lifesaver to me. The online community of current members, old members, and want to be members, plus the encouragement and love given by the founder Beth Learn, who is a friend from back in the days of PK and PM (pre kids and pre marriage), has saved my sanity and often led to better ways of viewing and talking to and of myself, not to mention the actual physical benefits  of the workouts.


I am going to try to share my story and my struggles on here, as a way to keep myself accountable, as a way of releasing the stress associated with changing a lifestyle, and as a way of….just writing exercise I guess! lol!

During all of this, I have had friends and family who continue to encourage me along the way. I still have days where I struggle with depression,and sometimes wonder if I always will ,  maybe that is my struggle, but I know the more I try to take care of myself, the better I feel.

What’s holding you back from changing things in your life for the better? Anything I can help with? If theres one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t make someone change, even for their own healths sake, but you can come alongside  of them to ease the struggle and to encourage one another.


Thanks for visiting!



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