Fitting in Life

I wrote a blog yesterday after the thanksgiving rush of visiting family, getting last minute food made up, realizing that I left the leftovers of my favorite- roasted veggies- at my bestie and sister in laws house (Cassie, did mom steal them?), and realizing mayyyybe I shouldn’t have indulged in that uhm….number that ends in ee….pieces of pie, after all of that and after all of the mentioning of fitting in fitness and working out and being on my game as far as food goes and the feeling of being accomplished once I hit the workout and was able to get all the way through it without a child getting sick, or me not able to finish because I was out of breath…..(like you will be if you read my sentence out loud and not just in your head!)- I realized that sometimes its OK to take a minute.

Its ok to Take a pause.

Its ok to spend time with family and not focus on the next workout.

My world does not revolve around “working out”, and I dont think the founder of the online studio, Fit2B, wants that for ANYONE. If there is something I have learned from being a part of this amazing resource for the past 5 years, it is that she wants to enable people to be able to function for the rest of their LIFE. Not just be able to get through a workout, not just be able to lift a weight, she wants people to be able to be present in life to play with their kids, jump on a trampoline without peeing themselves, to have the resources to utilize proper alignment when working on a laptop late at night, or during the day (as I was typing this, I remembered a video thats called Align it Flat that is all about making our alignment work for us and I realized that I was having what I call- Sticky-outy-neck where your jaw juts forward and you hunch your shoulders because you are trying to see the too small print on the computer screen, even with your glasses on, and I fixed it!), she wants people to be able to be strong for the rest of their lives. If that means changing how you think of lifting the groceries out of the cart, or out of the car once home, or changing how you hinge at the hips to get the baby up and out of the crib, or sitting the toddler on the toilet, THAT is Fit2B’s aim.

I am taking strides to change my health, mental, physical, and spiritual, one little step at a time.

Yesterday at Thanksgiving with my family, I was able to have a conversation with my sister about how sometimes the shoes we wear effects our posture, which in turn can effect our mentrual cycles, and I never would have known that except for the resources that I have found as part of the online community that is Fit2b.

Monday, Fit2B is having an online sale – Cyber Monday- in which the premium membership is going to be on sale for $119! That is normally sold for $159!!! There are so many other options besides just the premium membership, but please take a minute to go to the page HERE to check out the sale thats going to be happening and see if there is anything that resonates with you.

The other resource that I plan on taking advantage of is the Sale over at The Tummy Team in which many of their rehab programs will be on sale as well. Fit2b and The Tummy Team often work together and the founders of each, Beth Learn, and Kelly Dean, are more than just co-workers, they are in real life friends, and enjoy bouncing off ideas and learning from each other. If you are interested in viewing a recorded video that they did Live that kind of went over some of the differences and similarities of the programs they offer, go HERE and see if anything stands out to you.


Happy Weekend and dont forget to check out Cyber Monday Sale over on Fit2b!

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