Fit2b Girls Course Review

I am a group of reviewers who are looking at the new Girls Course that Fit2b, an online fitness studio, has just put out.

Being the mom of 3 girls and having just gone through pregnancy #4 where my oldest attended the birth, this course came at the perfect time!!!

I have always been open with the girls about what goes on in our bodies, especially since I have 3 girls and one bathroom…there is no privacy in our house. Which is great for teachable moments…just not always great when I would like a few solitary moments to myself to pee in silence.

Since learning of baby #4 for our family, my girls have been super curious about all things related to baby, including asking questions about my changing body.

Sometimes the questions come in the shape of “when am I going to look like that?” Or “when will my body get that”? Or “How will the baby get from your tummy to our house”? Or variations of all of those.

When Beth Learn, founder and creator of Fit2b studios mentioned that they were talking about a girls course that would cover changes to a womans body during puberty, more than just the basic “your body will change and there will be a period because your eggs that get released during ovulation have not been fertilized yet” (to paraphrase my own first inept attempt to explain something to a 5 yr old when asked about periods and babies when my first child noticed it)…she threw a whole bunch of stuff into the course; correct anatomy drawings, explanations of different menstrual products and HOW they are used, she threw in why different parts ache during different parts of the month, and also covered what would happen during a gyno exam. I am so excited to have a resource that speaks to girls and women in language that is easy to understand and also easy for me to jump around in. If I am not ready to cover a certain topic, I just jump to a different one in the course because each is set to work together with the whole course, but not set up so that you can’t view one part without having to view the whole thing. The sections are independent of each other.

The other thing that excites me about this is the printables!!!! I love, love, love (!) finding resources that allow me to print things off to correspond with whatever subject I happen to be teaching at the time.

One of my favorite ones that I printed off 4 copies of, one for the 7 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and myself, is a picture of a human skeleton. On it are lines on each side of the body. On the left are fill in the blanks “the word for this part of the body starts with a C (or f, or s, etc)”. Then on the right side of the skeleton are the words “fill in a positive word about your body that starts with the same letter (s or t or f, etc)”.

This is changing the language for women! If I can teach my children to have body positive language about their bodies, that will just help them to have the mindset of their bodies being an awesome gift!!! Too often I see women that shame their own bodies, myself included at times, instead of being grateful and recognizing my body for the awesome things it can do!

I was so excited recently when we were at our local hardware store and my kids saw the skeletons put up for Halloween decor… Claire (5), said to Sarah (7) “thats so creepy! Look at that!” Sarah responded “thats not scary! Those are just what the bones look like inside of your body…why would they put that up if they are trying to scare people?! Hahahaha!”

I may or may not have done a huge fist pump in the air followed along with a “Yessssss!” When I overheard that. Already, the language is being changed. I am hopeful that this course will also end with my girls being able to say of their own bodies “I am not scared of that.. that just means x,y,z” when changes occur. The language will change when the knowledge changes… Can’t wait to find out more about the course!!!

For more information about Fit2b, feel free to click on the affiliate link below.


If you are interested in the girls course specifically, click HERE.

Little spoiler alert for you: this is the best price for the course! $29.99 for unlimited access to the girls course!!! Get it now while the price is this low!!!

Come back tomorrow for review #2 of the Fit2b Girls Course!

*As an affiliate of Fit2b, by you clicking on the link I provide and buying the content on the site, I get a little percentage of that sale. That then goes towards family fun, and self care for momma..i.e. occasional coffees! Thankyou!*

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