Fit2b Girls Course review- part 2!

Ok so for those of you who have daughters, or are in a girls life, or are helping with girls (girl scout leader anyone? Just me?) Or might potentially have any dealings where you are in a girls life and are a mentor, this course would be a blessing to have on hand.

Fit2b, an online fitness studio created by Beth Learn to reach people where they are, to give hope to those dealing with diastasis recti, has gotten together with professionals in different fields to create a course specifically for girls during the time of life when they will start to experience changes. I.e. pre-puberty and….mid-puberty and after puberty too.

They have input from a midwife who walks you through a first gyno exam, talking about what to expect and the lingo involved;


A fashionista who walks you through face care, makeup tips and how to find your own fashion and walk with confidence.

Being almost 35 years old, I learned things about face care and fashion that I just didnt know about!

Check it out and come back tomorrow to see what else you can learn about the girls course!

Or go to the link below to see what I had to say about the course yesterday:

Review part 1

*As an affiliate of Fit2b, by you clicking on, and purchasing through the links I provide, I receive a percentage of that sale. It then goes to provide self care and help for family outings…more specifically…. occasional coffees for mom to have energy. Thankyou!!!*

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