Some of you might have seen my blog post the other day about fit2b. I would like to give you a few reasons “Why” you might like fit2b.

  • Community – the founder has created one of the only drama-free spaces that I have found where people from all different walks of life can come together and genuinely care for and encourage each other in their journey.
  • The founder- Beth regularly gets on in the online forum and answers questions, offers encouragement and opens up about her struggles and accomplishments and in so doing, shows herself to be just like the rest of us- HUMAN. I love how she honors and respects her children in the posts she shares about them, while also commiserating with those of us who are in the trenches…
  • The transparency of the business. Fit2b is a family business, Beth, the founder, is related to Chris, the camera-man. He is her cousin and also one of her best friends hubby…when she says that the cost of the memberships go to things like paying for kids tuitions for sports, or things like family get togethers… I know who they are talking about. The music is put out by Alice Behnke, the cameramans wife…and each of them are highly talented at what they do!!!
  • I will share more with you tomorrow about why I like the workouts. Make sure you go visit the main page to check out the founders birthday sale that is going on now!

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