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The Telling – By Mike Duran part 2

Yesterday I posted a review for the book “The Telling” written by Mike Duran, author of Resurrection, this is the 2nd review of the book as a part of the CSFF Blog Tour I am a part of. If you are interested in what that is, take a look at the link, and make sure to check out Mike Duran’s Blog, his FB page and also this link for the book.

Also, make sure to check out what others have to say about this book by going through the blog tour links at the bottom of this post.

NOW to get to the meat of the matter – My review…or the 2nd part of it anyway. This one is just more of my thoughts as I read the book and I look back on what I felt when I read it.

Yesterday I gave you just a bit of info about the book and I mentioned that while the book was an awesome read, and I couldn’t put it down, I give props to Mr. Duran for writing a book that has so many controversial issues in it.  In part, I think its good because the book is touted as a fiction book, not as something as solid as the bible. In that realm I think its a good read, but in that same respect, people who don’t know anything about christ or christians might be overwhelmed and even a little scared of having anything to do with it just due to the thought of having to deal with spiritual powers, Fighting against evil, demons, angels, aliens even!…ah,…I am not getting this out right. Yes, as christians we DO deal with the Spiritual Realm, we DO fight against evil, we ARE to proclaim the good news to those far and wide, we are considered “aliens” in this world…but I don’t think it happens the way it was portrayed in this book.  Hmmm alright enough of that, on to how I felt about the book. I loved the imagery in the book, the descriptive words that he used brought me to a place in Death Valley, I felt the heat, saw the dust swirling down the street, I could hear the anguish in Zephaniah Walkers voice (the main character in the book) as he talked about his tough childhood, and most of all I felt chills and goose bumps when he brought out the characters that came out of the ninth gate of hell…..I did not get all weepy at certain places as I might have in some other books, but because of the genre of this book, the more “spooky” type and the suspense type, I was too hyped up to have any other sort of emotion. I kept looking over my shoulder, looking out the window checking out the cars that drove by…thinking about all the people that have told me ” You look like someone I know…” eeeeeeeeerie. I think that was the point of the author. To get you thinking…to get you outside of the box that we put ourselves in and think about ‘what if’…and for me, it meant that I spent more time praying…not necessarily because I was scared but because I thought of those who it seems like are facing spiritual darkness and giving in to it instead of fighting.

If all of this makes you wonder what my post has to do with the book, I guess you will just have to go check it out for yourself, read the book and then come back and re-read my post. 🙂 That’s THIS author’s point…go check the book out, but make sure that you are continually reading the only book that matters and applying it to your life : The bible.

Thats all folks….for now.

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Book Review “The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine

Hello all,

While I know many of you are not females, I thought I would put up reviews of books other than just the ones that I am getting through the CSFF Blog Tour.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an avid reader and am usually reading anywhere from 1-4 books at a time. No, I do not mean ALL at the same time, but I flip back and forth through them all. Also, Cris and I are expecting our first child in December, a little girl whom we’ve decided to name Sarah Hope.  Sooooo since my mind is turned also towards pregnancy and getting ready for labor and delivery, you might see some book reviews dealing with those topics.

Today’s book is “The Girlfriends guide to Pregnancy- or everything your doctor won’t tell you” by Vicki Iovine.

I picked this book up because I had a girlfriend who read it through her first pregnancy and shared some snippets of the book with me that were absolutely hilarious so I thought it might be a good investment. My joy was made even more when I was able to get it for $5.00 at a semi-local maternity store in Hillsboro called “Angel Belly” (LOOOOOOOOVED this store! Check them out…the proprietor of the store is superb!).

While reading this book, I did find many humerous stories about either labor, delivery, the husband during either of those two events, and all around information about being pregnant that made me feel like a normal human being instead of some science experiment for everyone to ogle over! lol

The sad thing about this book, is that I also found alot of language that I did not particularly care for. While the author in no way that I can read from the book claims any christianity, I just did not see any need for some vulgar language to be used.  That is one of the pitfalls of this book, another one, is that there were instances in the book that encouraged you to just lie to your husband to get more out of him, as in being able to rest more, or being able to take advantage of his kindness, and THAT I do not approve of.

As I said, she does not claim any christianity, and I think the book would have been made better without the language and the lying, but overall it DID give me some useful information that I have had questions about, but have been too embarrassed to ask my midwife about.

I think I would give the book 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. I liked the humour, but I can get alot of the information from talking to other moms and also from asking my doctor…despite the embarassment!

Thats all I have to say about this book. More reviews coming later.

Thoughts on CSFFBT

So we, Cris and I, just received another book from the Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Blog tour that we are a part of and it got me thinking.  I was thinking of how much fun it has been to read and review these books…at times I am sucked into completely different worlds and carried along on the shoulders of the main character, and at other times, I feel that I am in control of the storyline…that just by my wishing and thinking about it hard enough I can change the story somehow…this is what the fantasy books make me think anyway. It is neat to imagine and think about worlds other than our own, or to think about what might have happened further back in our worlds history, or what might happen in the future. The neat thing about most of these books that we have been reviewing is that 1)they are written from a christian worldview (I say most of them and use the term christian loosely) and 2) I get to read a WHOLE lot of new books!!! Since neither Cris nor I have jobs, getting books sent to me is a nice alternative to going out and having to buy new books without getting to test-read them first…altho, almost all of the books I’ve reviewed, I would have bought anyway, but like I said, this way I get to test read them first.

Anyway, if you are interested in this Blog tour, make sure to click on the above Link. It’ll take you there and the lady in charger is way cool and very helpful. Not to mention that she has the coolest name ever. 🙂 Check out her website for more info on books in general- Rebecca Miller 

That’s it, thanks for reading and look for the next review later on this month.