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CSFFBT-July “The Enclave” by Karen Hancock #3

I mentioned in my last post that this one might be a bit of a spoiler, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Be warned all who read further. 🙂

The Enclave by Karen Hancock:

Alright, for the subject matter of the book, it dealt with issues of science and stuff that people have made movies out of and debated for quite awhile now. They have shown episodes of Star Trek (the old one!) dealing with some of these issues, and in my understanding, some of it is still up for debate on whether or not alot of it is right, morally, ethically, etc.

The issues I am talking about are: Cloning, Advanced Tissue Regeneration (brought to my mind kind of what people are hoping to accomplish with stem cell research and umbilical cord research), Cryogenics, (altho this was not touched on nearly as much as the others), and some other scientific subjects. The majority of it tho involved cloning. I know there are issues of where that has successfully been cloned lambs, I think I heard of a cow, and some other animals, or animal products, but in my understanding, no human has successfully been cloned yet.  One of the issues that Ms. Hancock brought up in the book was the issue of whether or not clones would have souls, and if they did, they would not be the same soul of the person that was cloned.

Then the cryogenics came in and it focused on people wanting to further their life…or spending a bunch of money to prolong their bodies long enough for scientific research to come up with cures for various ailments. I always think the process of freezing someones body in hopes that they will be cured in the future is intriguing.


The ATR (as stated in the book) or, Advanced Tissue Regeneration was something that really caught my eye! I was in a very bad car accident 7 years ago, and sustained multiple injuries that took me a long time to heal, when I read the part in the book about this it made me wonder if scientists really have advanced this far, and how much something would cost. But as my mom taught me, when you have a thought, follow it through to the end result. What would be the precursor to finding out these results? Would they kill innocents in their research to have better and more advanced medicine, or science? I understand that alot of the drugs we have on the market today are researched this way, and I am in no way condemning helpful medicine, or doctors, or procedures, just these thoughts that are going through my head. Would I be able to accept treatment, or have I accepted treatment that has been tested on innocent people and in turn killed them, or made their lives less livable???

Alright, back on subject. As you can see this book is not only entertaining as a great read, but it is also thought provoking, as made evident by my rabbit trailing down into wonder-land.

I loved how the idea that no matter where a person is, the word of God is active and can reach even down into the darkest of depths to reach a persons soul and convict them.

I give Karen Hancock’s book “The Enclave” two great big thumbs up! I lent it to my mom and am thinking about stealing hubby’s copy to re-read it again. And its only been 2 days since I finished the book! For me, this is what makes a book worth keeping and recommending. On if I would read it over and over again, and “The Enclave” is definitely one that I think I would pick out new stuff each time I read it for quite awhile.

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