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Faery Rebel by R.J. Anderson #2

alright, yesterday I talked about how the main character of Faery Rebel was an adventurous girl trying to find out what was so backwards and off about her people.

Well the thing that seems so off is that for faery-folk, they seem in short supply of magic which affects their creativity. Everything is affected by this…they are not making new things, no new ideas, no more new books or songs written, no more new anything. What is going on with the faeries?

“Everyone” knows faeries are mostly magic and have lots of magic in them, but this group seems to have less and less of it as time goes on…where did it all go?

Only the queen of the faery-folk seems to be able to do magic when she desires….although in this book there are a couple of instances where Knife, (the main character) is able to inadvertently change her size from that of a faery, to that of a human…when she does tho, a bit of her magic (what makes up a faery, seems kind of like a life-force) goes away each time, as displayed by the lack of luster and sheen on her wings.

Faeries are typically supposed to stay away from humans, “monsters”, Knife knows this but for some reason is drawn to one human in particular…her curiosity gets the better of her and, against everything she has been taught, befriends this human! What will the outcome of this odd friendship be, how will this affect the other faeries, does anyone else even know of this friendship? What will happen to her should anyone find out?

Tune in to tomorrows post to find out more about Knife and the faery-folk of Oakenwyld.

The book is Faery Rebel by R. J. Anderson, make sure to check out the authors blog  and twitter and for other reviews of this book, make sure to check out these other blogs.

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