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5 reasons I don’t need/want a gym membership

After a day spent feasting with family while giving thanks for the food and friends and family, many people are thinking of another word that starts with f…..fitness! Then people start researching and looking for gyms to go to…asking friends to go with so we don’t look silly by ourselves when we don’t know how to use the quad…tri…glute machine thingys…

I have been in a few gyms, all BK– before kids and each one leaves me feeling the same…like I should be ripped and muscle-y before going in there. That could have something to do with poor advertising, in my opinion, showing people that are already in shape… I get the idea “you too could look like this”…. but what always seems to be missing is them saying…”while you are at the gym, wearing a sports bra and skin tight clothing to show off your defined deltoids and your handsome hamstrings and your…adorable abs? Ok I like alliteration but I am clearly not good with trying to write it.

What I am good at, especially the older I get, is learning to recognize and point out things I do and do not like.

So what follows are 5 reasons why I don’t need or want a gym membership, and in those reasons, I think you will see the things I like and don’t like about gym memberships.

1) The site I use, Fit2b, does NOT show women in skin tight clothing that makes me feel self conscious about my body.

2) I dont have to worry about finding a time slot that will work with my time schedule with the trainer I want…the workouts are always at my beck and call…

3) I never have to pay for daycare to do my workout! Often, when it is horrible outside, I will put on a kids workout for the little ones and it gets their energy out and they get a kick out of seeing kids, exactly like them, on the workouts! (That should really be labeled #3 and #3.5…)

4) The workouts are often what I like to call functional workouts…that means its not all about “how many reps of whatever workout can you do while at the gym and then be sore for regular life later on”…the workouts are designed to help you function in day to day, regular life…the reminders are phrases like  “don’t forget to hip hinge when getting the kid out of the carseat” or “when you are brushing your teeth, go ahead and add a calf stretch here”… Workouts that are easy to remember, even when not in front of the screen.

And lastly, but not leastlyleast? Leastly? Last but not least?.. Ahem…

#5 Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2b, understands what it’s like to juggle life, fitness, functionality, fun, frugality (yay alliteration!), motherhood and everything in-between and speaks to that in the workouts. There are a few that are what I think of as “working ons” because its areas that I need to work on on a daily basis…. rest…taking time to heal (see the blog about 6 weeks recovery), respecting and listening to my body and honoring the limits that I have in place at certain times in my life….see the blogs on pregnancy and avoiding inversions during menstruation.

Fit2b is currently having a sale on their already low prices…if you have ever been waiting to try it out, now is the time. You can even get gift vouchers to give to that best friend/accountability buddy so you can both be doing it…or to bless that new momma friend that can’t find time to go out and focus on herself, but so needs to…. Fit2b is about more than just workouts, there is a whole community out there that uplifts and supports each other in all of our moments…the workout moments, the working-on moments and everything in betwen. I guess thats reason #6 why I don’t want or need a gym membership.

Fit2B Studio

*By clicking on and purchasing through one of the links I provide as an affiliate of Fit2b, they are kind enough to provide me with a small percentage of that sale, which then goes towards family fun and mommy sanity – i.e. coffee! Thankyou!*

Fitting in fitness

It’s been a long while since I have written anything.  Having 3 kids, 6 and under, and helping family members who have broken bones, and everything in between has a habit of just popping up and pushing writing to the side, as it (w)rightly should.

Now I am in a position where I can write.


I am trying to take back my health, take back my mental and physical  health as having three kids in 6 years has seemed to take a toll on me, and those have probably gotten the worst of it.


As before when I have been in good, and not so good, headspaces, I have tools I utilize to get there.

For my health, I have been making an effort, spurred on by my determination  to get and be better, (and by a visit to a few doctors that gave me information that I was not hoping to hear) to do some form of exercise  every day, changing eating habits,  and making time for my health.


I have been utilizing my membership with online fitness studio, fit2b, and if you search through my blog, you will see that many times it has been a lifesaver to me. The online community of current members, old members, and want to be members, plus the encouragement and love given by the founder Beth Learn, who is a friend from back in the days of PK and PM (pre kids and pre marriage), has saved my sanity and often led to better ways of viewing and talking to and of myself, not to mention the actual physical benefits  of the workouts.


I am going to try to share my story and my struggles on here, as a way to keep myself accountable, as a way of releasing the stress associated with changing a lifestyle, and as a way of….just writing exercise I guess! lol!

During all of this, I have had friends and family who continue to encourage me along the way. I still have days where I struggle with depression,and sometimes wonder if I always will ,  maybe that is my struggle, but I know the more I try to take care of myself, the better I feel.

What’s holding you back from changing things in your life for the better? Anything I can help with? If theres one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t make someone change, even for their own healths sake, but you can come alongside  of them to ease the struggle and to encourage one another.


Thanks for visiting!