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Venom and Song by WTB & CH

Hi all, wow…if my life has not been busy and hectic lately, I don’t what its been.

The week started out with my husband needing to go to the urgent care, I guess it was actually on friday,  but anyways, the cold he was fighting for 3 weeks was actually bronchitis. Things are looking up! He gets the meds, starts on those and then monday, ends up hurting his shoulder somehow, and we go to the ER late monday night, early Tuesday morning to get and EKG, chest x-ray and blood drawn because of his chest hurting from coughing and his shoulder hurting…thought maybe it could be his heart. He doesn’t have anything wrong with his heart, but he’s got a pulled muscle in his shoulder. ALSO as if that wasn’t enough, this week we are supposed to be doing a wedding…him as an usher and me and my sister are doing the reception for our business we are trying to start up. (that’s for another post!) Suffice it to say that sometimes “getting away” inside a good book has been a blessing at times, even if reading it took awhile as I also have a 9 month old baby so I get to read in about 15 minute increments unless I read it late at night.

With all that craziness going on, a book has to be really good for me to stay in tune with it, remember what is going on with the characters and remember the plotline and put them all together too.

Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper have done it again in their second book “Venom and Song“, sequel to “The Curse of the Spider King”, part of the Berinfell Prophecies series.

In this book we find the seven elven Lords (Who are men AND women, I like that) trying to fight against the spider king and trying to use all their resources and draw on their talents that they have been given by the creator to fend against evil and all its henchmen.

This book has some good things going for it, adventure, drama, some teary moments (I couldn’t believe it when…. you didn’t really think I was going to tell you did you? You have to read the book for yourself!) as well as some moments that I just thought were hilarious and brought the elven Lords to life. I have a few friends that I saw the Lords in, and a few of the Lords that I could see myself in as well…

Something that I liked that WTB and CH did with this book was the bonus content that they had in the book. It didn’t draw away from the book,  but it did get my imagination going wondering what it was. Something else that they did that I really like, maybe it wasn’t the authors’ decision or choice, but I like it, was the hardback version of this book. The illustrations on the front and back of the book, along with sturdiness of the book, just enhanced the whole book reading experience. It could be that part of why I liked that part is because I have a 9 month old that tries to crush everything paper and having a book that has a hardback makes it just that much harder for her to do that!!! 🙂

I have to give props to Mr. Batson and Hopper, you wrote another great book that seemed to be even more seamlessly put together than your last book. Thanks for your efforts, you can pat yourself on the back, or do it for each other.

When my 17 and 14-year-old sisters saw the book and saw who wrote it, they drew in a breath and both asked in anticipation if they could borrow it when I was done because they read the first one and liked it.  🙂

Make sure to check out the websites of Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, as well as the website about the book series and dive into the prophecies of Berinfell. 🙂

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Also: In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. (thanks publisher!)

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