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5 reasons I don’t need/want a gym membership

After a day spent feasting with family while giving thanks for the food and friends and family, many people are thinking of another word that starts with f…..fitness! Then people start researching and looking for gyms to go to…asking friends to go with so we don’t look silly by ourselves when we don’t know how to use the quad…tri…glute machine thingys…

I have been in a few gyms, all BK– before kids and each one leaves me feeling the same…like I should be ripped and muscle-y before going in there. That could have something to do with poor advertising, in my opinion, showing people that are already in shape… I get the idea “you too could look like this”…. but what always seems to be missing is them saying…”while you are at the gym, wearing a sports bra and skin tight clothing to show off your defined deltoids and your handsome hamstrings and your…adorable abs? Ok I like alliteration but I am clearly not good with trying to write it.

What I am good at, especially the older I get, is learning to recognize and point out things I do and do not like.

So what follows are 5 reasons why I don’t need or want a gym membership, and in those reasons, I think you will see the things I like and don’t like about gym memberships.

1) The site I use, Fit2b, does NOT show women in skin tight clothing that makes me feel self conscious about my body.

2) I dont have to worry about finding a time slot that will work with my time schedule with the trainer I want…the workouts are always at my beck and call…

3) I never have to pay for daycare to do my workout! Often, when it is horrible outside, I will put on a kids workout for the little ones and it gets their energy out and they get a kick out of seeing kids, exactly like them, on the workouts! (That should really be labeled #3 and #3.5…)

4) The workouts are often what I like to call functional workouts…that means its not all about “how many reps of whatever workout can you do while at the gym and then be sore for regular life later on”…the workouts are designed to help you function in day to day, regular life…the reminders are phrases like  “don’t forget to hip hinge when getting the kid out of the carseat” or “when you are brushing your teeth, go ahead and add a calf stretch here”… Workouts that are easy to remember, even when not in front of the screen.

And lastly, but not leastlyleast? Leastly? Last but not least?.. Ahem…

#5 Beth Learn, the founder of Fit2b, understands what it’s like to juggle life, fitness, functionality, fun, frugality (yay alliteration!), motherhood and everything in-between and speaks to that in the workouts. There are a few that are what I think of as “working ons” because its areas that I need to work on on a daily basis…. rest…taking time to heal (see the blog about 6 weeks recovery), respecting and listening to my body and honoring the limits that I have in place at certain times in my life….see the blogs on pregnancy and avoiding inversions during menstruation.

Fit2b is currently having a sale on their already low prices…if you have ever been waiting to try it out, now is the time. You can even get gift vouchers to give to that best friend/accountability buddy so you can both be doing it…or to bless that new momma friend that can’t find time to go out and focus on herself, but so needs to…. Fit2b is about more than just workouts, there is a whole community out there that uplifts and supports each other in all of our moments…the workout moments, the working-on moments and everything in betwen. I guess thats reason #6 why I don’t want or need a gym membership.

Fit2B Studio

*By clicking on and purchasing through one of the links I provide as an affiliate of Fit2b, they are kind enough to provide me with a small percentage of that sale, which then goes towards family fun and mommy sanity – i.e. coffee! Thankyou!*

week 5 of Prenatal program

Here is another installment of my reviewing the Tummy Team‘s prenatal core rehabilitation program.

some of you might be thinking “week 5? by MY calculations you should be done with this 6 week program!” well..the nice thing about this program is that the KNOW that life is busy and hectic and sometimes people get sick, or get sidetracked or stuff just happens and we don’t get to stay on schedule as easily. So they ADD in a gratuitous time for you to play catch up. This has been SO helpful to me as one week I was sick with some sort of virus and could not really do ANYTHING let alone practice what I have been learning from the Tummy Team.
Another week I was down and out due to having contractions so often. Turns out I was dehydrated… since i have been drinking at least 4 liters of water a day I have not had those issues and I am able to continue learning more about how to help my body get ready for this babys birth…but not JUST the birth of this baby. The program helps you for AFTER the baby is born too to help your body get back in optimal readiness.

I have been using what Kelly calls “belly breathing” (where you  make a shhhh-ing sound as you blow breath out and bring the belly button to the spine) so often, and especially during any contractions that I have had that now when I am doing an exercise and I start making that noise, my husband and kids automatically think that I am having contractions and do what they can to encourage me through them. 🙂 I don’t mind one bit because I am expecting to utelize the same sounds and exercises when I DO go into labor. A little practice for everyone is a good thing (don’t worry, I do let my husband know if I am NOT having contractions. 🙂 )


This week in the prenatal program is all about getting things ready FOR birth, pushing, labor positions, birth plans and preparing my environment for AFTER the baby gets here…its alot of good info. I have had 2 other kids and so alot of this MIGHT sound like its old tricks…but one thing I have learned with each pregnancy is how much I FORGET with each pregnancy! lol

ALOT of it does come back to you as you go through pregnancy, but some stuff you just forget. My husband has been a GREAT resource on things that I have forgotten (like drinking TONS of water really DOES make a difference….or….the drugs that I received during labor with each pregnancy). The thing that I really like about this program is how approachable Kelly seems to be. Yes I realize that it is a pre-recorded video, made for a mass of people…but when I watch it, I feel like this is how she would be talking if we were just sitting down together over coffee. Even for the awkward subjects….like bathroom posture…sleep posture…how healing your core affects your married life…all sorts of things. She is straight and to the point, very matter of fact, and very kind. Not condenscending… I like that she reminds you of things you already know, but there is no scolding in the videos. There is just information and education, detailed enough that my “ask why” personality is satisfied but not too much information that my “please use little words so I can follow easily because I have 2 children that need CONSTANT attention for looking at rocks and bugs and various other objects and smaller words are easier to remember and to use than big words” personality is not overwhelmed.  😀

Just a short little update here, but wanted to let you all know where I was at.

Honestly, sometimes I forget to “do” the exercises that are prescribed (as in, set aside a time and just go through them all at once) but I have NOT forgotten to do belly breathing during contractions, or using the bathroom, or even when I am in pain the stretches that help. Its not something I actively think “Oh! do the exercises” when I do them, its just something that has become so integrated into my way of life that I do them without thinking.

I am pretty sure that is The Tummy Team‘s goal…don’t change for a set amount of time each day…change your way of thinking and your way of living…so as to have a better quality of life. Does that make sense?

Let me know what you guys think.


Installment 3-Tummy Team week 2- The journey continues

Here I am at the beginning of week 2 on my journey with The Tummy Team‘s prenatal program.

If you are just checking out my blog and my journey, make sure to check out the Preview, Week 1, and installment 2 to see what you’ve been missing. 🙂

I have learned so much just in the first week and it feels like at times I have it ALL… and then I remember what I was like at the beginning (see week 1) and I thought “oh yeah I got this!” I am learning to be less “Gung ho- lets move forward regardless of how much I know” and becoming more like “lets sit back a minute and make sure we are doing this RIGHT”.

Kelly, founder and star of the tummy team video’s just answered a few questions I had today and what she said at the end really struck a chord with me… she said “Remember, MORE is not better…better is better.” (emphasis mine). WOW. This is eerily similar to what I have mentioned before in my previous posts (preview, week 1, installment 2) that I have said to my piano students. I tell them “practice does NOT make perfect…perfect practice makes perfect”. I guess it is true in more aspects of life than just music!

I am really looking forward to this week as I have already noticed some improved areas of my life that going through this program has helped with.

For some of you, the rest of this blog might be TMI…if bathroom talk makes you squeamish, then maybe this blog post is not for you.


One of the areas that I have noticed improvement on is how much easier it is to go to the bathroom. This is something that we do every day…usually multiple times a day. I am not talking about peeing, I am talking about pooping… (and side note, when you have kids, its amazing the conversations you have with your husband… it goes from the embarassed laugh and giggle when you toot in front of your spouse to… “Oh honey! Did I tell you what color ——- (insert child’s name here)’s poop was today? it was REALLY weird..should we take her in?”..yeah. fun conversations. )
When you are having regular bowel movements, that is GOOD for your body, good for your mood, good for your mental and physical health. Thats the way God made the body. We eat the food, our body processes it, and then whatever is leftover gets expelled from our body in the form of poop.

When you are using the wrong method to “help” expell it..it brings on a whole load of other problems. From hemorrhoids, to diverticulitis, to worse prolapse and prostrate problems, and a whole slew of other things.

The nice thing about this program is that it helps to get things moving and get them moving in the right direction.

Again, this might seem silly to some of you that I am writing a whole blog about using the bathroom, but I think so many people don’t talk about this and so the problems continue and continue to get WORSE not better.

This is very difficult for me to write…but things need to change. And I have dealt with what I used to (not-so-)fondly call “tummy troubles” for as long as I can remember. Part of it had to do with being Lactose Intolerant, being diagnosed with IBS when in reality it was Gluten Intolerance, and a whole slew of problems that are brought on by being pregnant.

I remember when Cris and I first got married and I would be crying in pain so bad and trying to be quiet whenever I would have an attack on my intestines where everything that I had eaten over the past week, or day, or 5 hours would try to get out however it could…and then try to come out of the bathroom and just play it off like it was nothing unusual. It was so hard to not be sobbing in pain…and often I failed to quiet the sobs and crying out to God to make it stop.  That’s when we thought it was the medicine I was on…tried getting rid of that..and that would help for a bit. then I tried staying away from dairy in any form, (butter and cheese, is all that I was using)…aGAIN..and that would help for a bit…(a bit = 1-2 days)…I look back on the days that I dealt with that and a part of me is frustrated that it (gluten intolerance) was not diagnosed earlier. I could have spent the last 17 years in so much less pain and so much less time spent trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Having finally gotten my diet under control, I thought that would fix everything and for the most part, it has. I can count on 1 hand the times I have had an attack in the past year…before going GF, I would not have even been able to tell you how many times my body was attacked in the last week because the number would have been too high.

Doing this tummy program has helped so much though in understanding more about how the body works, why I have had pain the in the past and helping me and my pregnant body and belly to all work together so that the progress I have made with being GF does not go to “waste”… haha…get it…bathroom blog…talking about waste?! sigh. Sometimes I only make myself laugh. 🙂

Alright folks, here’s the gist of it…if you are dealing with 1)diahrea, 2)constipation, 3)hemorrhoids, or other issues that arise either WITH those things, or BECAUSE of those things or those things are side effects of other things (think hernia’s, diastasis recti, prolapse, etc), then maybe you should look into the Tummy Team’s Site. Call up Kelly Dean, TALK with her or one of her helpful associates and see what they have to say. If you decide to do the program, there are two options: you can go into the store which is located in Camas, Washington (think close to Vancouver, WA people), or the online programs. If you choose the online path, right now until this friday, you can enter this code “JESSEBECKY” (no quote marks) at check out to receive 25% off the price of the program. Kelly is a licensed PT and it not out to make people hurt, or to make people think this is a “quick fix”….its a lifestyle change and its not just workouts. Its REHABILITATION for your life and the muscle you use the most often. Your core.

I will update you all on how I am doing later on this week. I have found that the workouts are DEFINITELY doing their job. She said I would feel the different muscles along my back, my tummy, and the sides of my stomach…its ALL true! I am so excited to see how doing this program works out at the end of my pregnancy during labor and delivery. I have only about 11 more weeks left, so I am starting to think that much more about how I want this delivery to go down and doing what I can to get my body to at least function in the right way to do what I can do for my body and baby if things go according to plan.

Alright people, that’s it for today. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading mine (especially on this post!)

Prenatal Journey part 2… Tummy Team core training

Hey all,

I just wanted to give a little more insight into my journey through The Tummy Teams prenatal program that I am doing.

One of the things that has stuck out to me has been the pain. Not the pain of doing the exercises, they ARE harder to do than I thought at first… to be quite honest I thought, How hard can it be to bring your belly in while you breathe out? I already do that as part of my fitness routine with Fit2B studios, Phsaaaaw I GOT this.

uhm yeah. I stand, actually I am sitting, before you quite humbled and eating my words. This stuff is WORK! Trying to breathe out, while sucking my tummy in, while not engaging any other muscles that are trying to compensate for my lack of strength in my core.. wow. You know how many times I have had to STOP and start over again, doing it correctly? I did not realize that I have been doing it wrong this whole time! sigh. That’s alright, I am NOT giving up on this.

This is tough work because…well…its work! lol Work is tough, but that does not mean that we give up on it. It means we just keep working. I tell my piano students “Practice does NOT make perfect. Practice just makes permanent… PERFECT practice makes perfect”. Saying it to myself, I now know why my students dislike that saying so much! Its because its true and it does not allow for any excuses.

During one of the videos, Kelly asks us to write down some of the symptoms we have been experiencing, and any pain we might be dealing with. I thought…oh this will be really quick! I am pregnant so that is a symptom and…that was all I could think of!

Until I started writing..then I remembered I am dealing with this pain…and that pain, and oh yeah, that other pain! Kelly, founder of The Tummy Team, said that alot of time people come in and say “I have a high tolerance for pain” and what that really tells her is that they have pain that they have been dealing with for a long time.

That is me. I would not say I have a high tolerance for pain, I utterly DISLIKE pain…but I would say that I have been dealing with pain for a long time.

As I was thinking about this blog the other day, it made me think about after I relearned how to walk. A day stands out in my memory of me and my best friend getting ready to go somewhere and I asked her “do I look normal”…knowing all of the stuff I had been through, she knew that I was NOT talking about my lack of style. I was talking about
“do I look like I still need to bring the wheelchair in case this trip is too much?” I remember her telling me that it looked like my hips were weird. Like I was sticking my pelvis out…as I had to do during rehab because I had to hold onto the parallel bars (hard to do with one arm in a cast still), take a shaky step forward with teh PT stood behind me holding onto the gait belt wrapped around my waist in case my legs gave out…which they often did. usually after 1 step until my muscles started remembering what they were meant to do, and HOW to do it. I remember how excited I was when I walked the whole length of the parallel bars…maybe a total of 5 feet, and crying my eyeballs out and looking up and seeing my moms excited face because I had done it!!! I walked again! THAT was painful and tough work.  THESE exercises are tough work. Not painful. but it brings back so many memories of pain and what my body has gone through. It also made me think “How has relearning how to walk affected my core for the worse?”  Did I inadvertently learn something back then that has been affecting my body now?

In another one of the prenatal core training videos, from The Tummy Team, Kelly talks about our emotions affecting us and to have loving thoughts towards our core. I do not think that I have had “hateful” thoughts toward my core Per Se, but I did not realize how many emotions that going through this program would bring to the surface.


The reason my best friend, Cassie, knew what I was talking about when I asked her about “normal” was from the fact that the accident I was in happened on her wedding day…and she, along with a whole boatload of other people, were my support group and went through my healing journey with me. Anyone else and they probably would have answered very cautiously with a “what is normal?” She knew what I was talking about though. I was to be her maid of honor. Suffice it to say that didn’t happen and I missed one of the most important days of my best friends life…the day she got married to her other best friend, which also happens to be my big brother… no guilt there or anything (yes, that was sarcasm.) I do feel guilt over the whole thing. Even though the accident was not my fault, I still grieve over the fact that I missed being there and going through that joyous time with her and instead of emotions flowing freely at the wedding, no one was able to cry because they were concerned that if they did let tears flow that they would not be able to stop them because they were concerned about how I was doing. Instead of focusing on pre-wedding jitters and us nervously laughing about the honeymoon and enjoying pictures being taken of all of us in our wedding finery…Cassie, my best friend, was left at the church building waiting for Kevin to get back to the church building after coming to the ER to check on me and see how I was doing (I remember vaguely seeing him in between one of the procedures they did on me that night..from trying to set my broken wrist (they later had to redo it and put screws and plates in my wrist), popping my hip back into socket, putting a screw into my sacrum to hold it together, to putting an external fixator into my pelvis because it was broken on both sides). The wedding was an hour late due to that fact, but everyone understood thankfully and they still had a big attendance…but it was NOT the day of their dreams, or of mine.

So as I said in the beginning of this post, the thing that has stood out to me about this program has been the pain. The physical pain that my body has been holding onto for quite some time, alot of it, I am sure, after-effects of the car accident, but also the pain that my emotions bring to the forefront while working to strengthen my core and remembering everything that is has been through.

I am not letting it stop me from continuing this journey…because in a way, dealing with the various pains is a type of healing too.

If you would like to heal your core, and maybe some emotions along with it, take a look at The Tummy Teams Site and make sure to use the code “JESSEBECKY” (no quote marks) during check out to receive 25% off of the price of the program.  Only good for the next week and a half people so make sure to take advantage of it!

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading mine.

Tummy Team week 1

Here I am already on week 1 of my prenatal training and rehab for my mommy belly.

The goal of all of this to engage my body to awareness. Oh wow I just sounded like a yoga master or something…I am not talking about “reaching awareness of the Divine”, I already have that with my relationship with Jesus Christ when I decided to become a christian and be baptized for the forgiveness of my sins…which were many (and sometimes I still struggle with them)…being a christian is not easy…its not a “fix”, or a crutch…being a christian is a DAILY commitment to trying to be more like Christ, and trying to become more of who he wants me to be…asking for forgiveness of when I’ve done wrong, striving to please God in my actions and thoughts and trying to tell others about Him…now that I think about it…I guess doing this program is alot like being a christian. PLEASE do not misunderstand me people. I am not elevating the Tummy Team to the level of God…but I am saying that I see alot of similarities between the program and my walk with Christ.

Its a daily thing. Its not a “fix”, like a drug is a fix, and its not a crutch. Its a lifestyle change. Its something that I am trying to do DAILY and bring more awareness (there’s that word!) to my muscles and doing what they are supposed to do.

I have learned so much about what muscles there even ARE in my body that I didn’t know about! Everyone talks about “the 6 pack”, or “ripped abs”…well after doing just a few exercises that the Tummy Team has prescribed and understanding and looking at the anatomy, I understand more why they are called “ripped abs”!

There is a difference between doing “a” workout during the day, and working “through out” the day. Trust me, I have found the difference.

The “exercises” that Kelly at the Tummy Team puts me through are not something that is “one and done”…its something that you incorporate into your every day life. Her phrase that I have noticed alot, and I agree with, is “Our bodies are more of a ‘Use it or Lose it’ system”…that is, you either USE the muscle that you have, or you LOSE it…not that its gone for ever (thankfully!!!), but that it atrophies over time.

I am well aware of the Use it or Lose it system our bodies have.

After my car accident years ago, I was bedridden for about 2 months while I was in the hospital and in rehab, relearning how to walk again, use the bathroom again, put my socks on again… yeah. Fun times. I remember being proud of the muscles in my legs, and I still remember the day I looked down and was aware of my body (I was PRETTY doped up on some heavy narcotics to cut the pain of bone grinding against bone with my pelvis being broken on both sides) and I remember crying because my legs looked so tiny. I still technically HAD muscles there…but they were so weak and so tiny from disuse that it took quite awhile before I gained any muscle mass back at all. Or any mass for that matter.

It did not surprise me then to find Kelly of The Tummy Team ,talking about muscle atrophy…in our tummies.

What DID surprise me though, and this is probably repeat for alot of you that I have personally talked to, is how MUCH our tummy muscles do for us.
Did you know, and these might be a no brainer, that your tummy muscles are used for 1)using the bathroom 2)having babies 3)how we sit and stand 4)helping us get up out of bed 5)helping us carry in the groceries 6)help us carry in the sleeping kids from the car…just to name a few.


I am going to post later on this week some more about what my goals and expectations are for this program.

If you are interested in joining me, there is a promo code that you can use that Kelly set up for me. Its only good for the next 2 weeks so PLEASE check out the program, take a look and see if its something that can help you. Man or woman, I bet  you can find a way for this to help you…especially if you deal with any of the symptoms listed on the home page of the Tummy Team’s site.

Oh and if you DO sign up for the program in the next 2 weeks, make sure to enter the code that gives you 25% off the program!  The code you enter at check out is “JESSEBECKY”, no quotes.

Let me know your thoughts. 🙂