CSFFBT- “Haunt of Jackals” by Eric Wilson

This months book was “Haunt of Jackals” by Eric Wilson, book 2 in “Jerusalem’s Undead Trilogy

I have not finished the book yet, but am more than part way through and have to say I am really enjoying it. You can definetly tell that it is part of a trilogy as there is some storyline that would be easier to understand if I had read the first one (which I plan on doing!).

Before we got this book, I had wondered how someone would be able to write a “vampire” based novel, but with a christian perspective. From what I am reading, it looks like Eric Wilson has done it and done it well…not necessarily your typical vampires, but close enough that it keeps my interest.

I am really enjoying the drama and tension between “Those who hunt” and “Those who resist” in the book. He has some interesting ideas of the application of Christ’s (or “the Nazarene’s) blood that make you think. Even if you disagree with his views, it is a book that is pretty well written and interesting to boot!


In this book, as I mentioned, there seem to be two main groups of people- “Those who hunt” (the bad guys) and “Those who resist” (the good guys). They are not groups that everyone in the world is a part of, but they are groups that everyone in the world is affected by in some way or another. Some people are affected for plans of grandeur by some of these groups… these groups are each “undead”. One of them is a group that serve’s God for glory and the other is a group that serves…well…the devil. Normal people in the world are throwing their lot in with these groups…some consciously it seems and some unconsciously.

Like I said, I am only halfway through, but this is a type of book that I will not let go unfinished. I have already mentioned the plotline to my sister and my mom and both of them are interested in reading it. We seem to have this interest in “vampires”, partly I think because as christians we are sometimes drawn to find our what it is that spurs those who are so obviously not serving God.

This book is DEFINITELY not a children or even a youth oriented book, but I think for adults, it’s a good read. Thankfully it is interesting that I want to keep reading it at night, but not too scary that I can’t read it at night! lol

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5 thoughts on “CSFFBT- “Haunt of Jackals” by Eric Wilson

  1. I agree that it’s well written. But for the blog reader, I give you a warning…

    There are elements in the book that are pure fiction, though some believe them to be true. The book is so well set into our world that it may be hard to tell what’s true and what’s fiction. I’m not even sure where the author stands on those issues, if that tells you how deeply they are woven into “Haunt of Jackals”.

    Please, if you are not familiar with your Bible from Genesis to Revelation, do not read this book yet. Wait until you are more firmly grounded in the truths of spiritual realities.

    Thanks for the review Becky!

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  3. Becky, I enjoyed reading your take on the book. Thanks for taking part in the tour. If you haven’t stopped by other sites yet, you might be interested to know that the book has stirred a lot of discussion, particularly about how the Christian elements work.


  4. I have seen a bit of what you mean Becky…seems this book is a bit controversial, as well as the opinions that abound by the author and what people think of him and his writing.

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