Faery Rebel by R.J. Anderson #3

Well, here I am once again going on about the book, Faery Rebel by R.J. Anderson.

I really liked this book, not necessarily due to fanciful writing, but more because of the story. Mentioned in post #1 about this book, I told you that I liked the fact that the main character is a girl. I also liked that my expectations about the book were NOT met…now I mean that in a good way. I expected the book to be like a mix between a book about Tinkerbell and a book about Fern Gully, you know, “save the planet” meets “cute, but annoying at times fairy”.

I think there is some sort of difference between “Fairies” and “Faeries”, besides spelling that is. ..now I have nothing to corroborate this theory, except that “fairies” seem more unrealistic, and I can actually see “Faeries” being real. Does that make sense?

This book brought back memories of when I was a pre-teen and had read about the Little’s and actually believed in them, and I wanted them to be real so badly that I would leave stuff out for them to take. 🙂 I have not left anything out for faeries, but it brought back good memories.

One of the expectations I had, but did not have met was that there did not seem to be anything about God, or any sort of “christian” fiction in it. There was sci-fi/fantasy in it, but the only thing that seemed to point towards God was a being that they mentioned called “The Gardener”. It did not detract from the book, but was just something I expected…even at least something somewhat spiritual. It was still an entertaining story, just would have been neat with more stuff that points towards the ultimate creator of fantasy and creator of science.

Alright, enough about me, more about the book.

I told you that Knife has befriend a human… this human, named Paul McCormick, is actually someone from Knife’s past…a man that she ran into when they were both children. Since then, Paul has grown up, gone off to college and is now home…not by his choice tho. He now seems stuck in a “Throne” with big shiny wheels that he uses to go everywhere…he even has people push him around in this throne, the arrogance of humans.

Well, Paul, it seems used to be somewhat of an artist as a child…when him and Knife become friends, his talent seems to come back, a bit stronger than before…is there a connection between faeries and his re-found talent?

If you are interested in finding out, you should check the book out to find out what happens.

The book is Faery Rebel by R.J. Anderson. Make sure to check out the authors blog, or twitter and check the book out from the library and check out what these other bloggers have to say about the book.

God bless and happy reading!

In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.”

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4 thoughts on “Faery Rebel by R.J. Anderson #3

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  2. I agree there was no overt or allegorical representation of Christianity, but in my first post for this tour I discussed the “Christian worldview” factor. I’m hoping to say more today.

    Great job on the tour, Becky. We should have a Super Tour Participant award. You’d win hands down. 😉


    • lol thanks for the vote of confidence! Its because I have an awesome husband who helps out a ton and a really easy baby! I’m heading over to check out your blog right now!

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