Thoughts on CSFFBT

So we, Cris and I, just received another book from the Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy Blog tour that we are a part of and it got me thinking.  I was thinking of how much fun it has been to read and review these books…at times I am sucked into completely different worlds and carried along on the shoulders of the main character, and at other times, I feel that I am in control of the storyline…that just by my wishing and thinking about it hard enough I can change the story somehow…this is what the fantasy books make me think anyway. It is neat to imagine and think about worlds other than our own, or to think about what might have happened further back in our worlds history, or what might happen in the future. The neat thing about most of these books that we have been reviewing is that 1)they are written from a christian worldview (I say most of them and use the term christian loosely) and 2) I get to read a WHOLE lot of new books!!! Since neither Cris nor I have jobs, getting books sent to me is a nice alternative to going out and having to buy new books without getting to test-read them first…altho, almost all of the books I’ve reviewed, I would have bought anyway, but like I said, this way I get to test read them first.

Anyway, if you are interested in this Blog tour, make sure to click on the above Link. It’ll take you there and the lady in charger is way cool and very helpful. Not to mention that she has the coolest name ever. 🙂 Check out her website for more info on books in general- Rebecca Miller 

That’s it, thanks for reading and look for the next review later on this month.


One thought on “Thoughts on CSFFBT

  1. I’m a slow reader, and haven’t been much of a story reader at that (more into theology and direct Scripture). But I have to agree that so far this blog tour has been pretty cool. My favorite so far was Blaggard’s Moon!

    Thanks for taking the ride with me love!

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